Posted by: krnloop | April 16, 2008

Epik High 5th album: 50,000 preorders

Epik High’s 5th album entitled “Pieces, Part One,” which will be out in the market on the 17th, has already recorded 50,000 preorders and once the album becomes available, it is expected to easily break the 100,000 sold albums mark.

Last year, Epik High released its 4th album called “Remapping the Human Soul” and rose to 3rd place in the 2007 album sales chart for it sold more than 120,000 copies.

On the other hand, Epik High is set to hold a 5th album showcase on April 17 at the CGV theater in Apkujeong, Seoul.

Source: YTN



  1. Epik High’s albums are just wow.
    I love their last album
    much expectation for this one.

    all those dedicated High Schools.
    already make so much pre-orders. haha

  2. HOLD UP!
    just notice the BIG BANG banner

  3. am a proud HIGH Skool VIP…

    yeah, am one of those 50000 people who preordered the album šŸ™‚

  4. I preordered it too at YA! lol!!

  5. loop…

    heard the new album and love the music video..

    love epik high for trying something new and the genre are totally different from the previous albums..

    i totally dig it..

    Tablo, Mithra and Dj Tukutz are truly amazing musician..

    Like Tablo used to refer his album as “no genre, just music”…i totally understand what he meant by now..its all about music!!!

  6. Epik High’s fifth album itself is amazing, but it got more attention by the unfortunate event that had happened on April 16. I’m so sorry for Tablo, Mithra, and Dj Tukutz, and hope they had recovered a bit by now.

  7. […] Epik High’s 5th album “Pieces, Part One,ā€ which was released on April 17, has sold 54,227 copies in April alone. Based from this record, Epik High’s album currently has the highest […]

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