Posted by: krnloop | April 14, 2008

Nell’s Kim Jong Wan, hospitalized

Nell’s vocalist Kim Jong Wan was hospitalized on the night of April 13 due to pain and tired feeling in his throat.

Since Nell released its 4th album entitled “Separation Anxiety,” the band has been busy promoting it. Like from April 4-6, Nell had its album launch concert and TV and radio live performances. Fatigue piled up and finally took its toll on Kim Jong Wan.

“He’ll be receiving hospital treatment for 2-3 days because we’re worried that his vocal cords can worsen if activities are pushed and after recovering, activities will continue,” an official from Nell’s camp said.

Meanwhile, Nell’s 4th album is doing great. According to Hanteo chart, the album has already sold around 30,000 copies and the album’s title song called “Time to Search One’s Memory,” is ranking in various online music charts.

Source: Heraldbiz



  1. oh,no!
    I hope nothing is too serious! hes so talented

  2. i really like jong -wan
    i hope i can see him in person ^^

  3. His voice is very nice^_^

  4. My deepest prayers on a speedy recovery Kim, you guys are and amazing band!!! Best wishes to all members.

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