Posted by: krnloop | April 12, 2008

Lee Yoon Jin: Rain’s English teacher

It has been recently known that Lee Yoon Jin, the main host of the OBS show “Dream U,” became Rain’s English teacher for 4 months.

“For 4 months, 24 hours a day, I translated and taught him English. I was surprised because Rain studied hard,” Lee Yoon Jin said about being Rain’s English teacher. The host also added that it is impressive that Rain does his best in everything he does.

According to Lee Yoon Jin, Rain sometimes contact her and working with him was a great experience.

Lee Yoon Jin lived in Jakarta, Indonesia from Grade 2 to 3rd year in high school.

Source: Edaily



  1. Never heard of her. Best of luck to her with teaching rain English and to him with learning it.

  2. […] source […]

  3. o.O it doesn’t appear to be effective

  4. ^^Like it is very easy to learn a foreign language,huh? Let’s give the guy some credit. Not many of us can dream to achieve even an iota of his achievements in this lifetime.

  5. really coOol ..
    BI oppa Aja Aja .. ^^

  6. woooow i want to be his english teasher ….

    i want to be with him 24/7

    rain why dont you fall with the rain hahahah i am joking ^_^

    love you rain…<3

  7. Lee yoon jin lived in jakarta?

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