Posted by: krnloop | April 12, 2008

Lee Ji Hoon, comeback in May

Singer and actor Lee Ji Hoon is making a comeback as a singer in mid-May, after 4 years of leaving the music scene.

Lee Ji Hoon, still a high school student then, debuted as a singer in 1996 and after releasing his 5th album, with the title song “Promise,” in April 2004, he concentrated on his acting career.

In a phone interview with Lee Ji Hoon yesterday, April 11, with Moneytoday Starnews, he said, “I’m releasing an album in mid-May, after 4 years of being gone. The album is already in its finishing stage. Because all the songs I recorded are really good, I’m having a hard time picking the title song. The music video shoot is on the 17th. I’ll be returning as a singer after 4 years and do my best.”

Source: Starnews



  1. oooh nice! it kinda reminds me of a x man dangyunhaji clip where andy from shinhwa asks lee ji hoon if he wanted to be a solo artist too because he’s an actor… it’s been awhile. glad he’s back!

  2. wasn’t he in “wonderful life”? with eugene and kim jae won in… 2005…? i think…

    funny because i JUST finished watching that drama yesterday and here he is… that’s cool. i wish him the best of luck!

  3. tak sabar menantikan hasilnya. Nice 2 c ur great smile. hopefully everyone love ur new album.

  4. That’s awesome! Love him in the tv series, cute smile and beautiful voice! can’t wait…

  5. Love Lee Ji Hoon

  6. tuj muon tim mot nguoi xin moi nguoi giup cho

  7. does anyone know a website where I can download Lee Ji Hoon songs?

  8. oppa da jeongmal johayo ❤

  9. đẹp zai v~ đ’

  10. I like your action so much. Please try hard more than now. I always encourage you and your movie, TV series , songs .I’m always love you.

    Bye Bye
    Your audience, Huang Bao Jun

  11. Dear Lee Ji Hoon,
    How r u? What are u doing now? I want to know about you. I like you very much. I want to see your great smile. When I saw your smile at hellomiss (first), I didn’t forget your smile and your handsome. That is really, I don’t lie you.And I want to old quickly because you are so older than me. This year, your age is 29 years old,however, my age is 17 years old. We’re so different.Moreover, we’re so far away each country.I live in Myanmar, but my religion is Chinese Buddha.I can say Chinese Language & English Language( a little ) but, don’t say Korean.
    But, I saw Korean TV series which are so much, so I can say a little Korean Language. For instead,
    Oppa sarr lar ni yaw……! 🙂
    Oppa juu war yaw ….! 🙂
    Please don’t laugh me. (He he……….. )
    Please rejoin me, my gmail account is Please reply me if you see my introduce. I’m waiting for you.

    Huang Bao Jun(Helen )
    I love you so much.

  12. i love lee ji hoon so much ,,,,nice face,,,kiss u dear

  13. im from iran…so plz reply mail to ur fan

  14. Hi Ji-Hoon…how are!you’re so cute…kkk…take care and more power!!!

  15. ..please keep in touch(zleihs_gilzky)!i’m from Philippines…I’m one of your avid fans…

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