Posted by: krnloop | April 11, 2008

Uhm Jung Hwa in Cebu

In late March, singer-actress Uhm Jung Hwa had a strictly confidential photoshoot for her fashion brands “Corner Suite” and “ZHUM IN New York” in Cebu, Philippines.

According to photographer Jo Sun Hee, Uhm Jung Hwa has the passion unlike other actors and when she stands in front of the camera, she suddenly changes into an actress who has a thousand faces.

“She can pull off anything, regardless of the kind of clothes she is wearing or whatever the shoot’s concept is,” Jo Sun Hee praised.

Meanwhile, Uhm Jung Hwa is already preparing for her new album and examining her next acting project.

Source: Sports Chosun


  1. either this picture has been heavily photoshopped or she’s had brazilian butt lift!

  2. OMG! She’s currently in YG for her new album,,,, and and Sandara was shown on local tv. Does that mean YG has a plan to introduce their products here in the Philippines

  3. She’s here in my country? Oh hell no…

  4. ^^hahaha, but yeh this woman is too old to be posing like that…

  5. I see nothing wrong with how she’s posing. Not everyone looks that good at her age.

  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. She went here in my country, i didnt know, i hope i was there at her photoshoot so i could see her in person. she is not popular here but i know UJH, I love her and her music makes me really dance. I like get karl! Oh su jung. They are so funny and cute. im her no. 1 fan here in the philippines. Ill make sure to be updated the nxt tym she plans to visit philippines… See you soon UHM JUNG HWA!!! Ü

  8. ca va c ki moi amine do marok e te

  9. ana

  10. something happen

  11. salut mon chez eri



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