Posted by: krnloop | April 11, 2008

MC Mong’s 4th album out on the 17th

After a year and 7 months, MC Mong is going to be back with his 4th album on the 17th.

The said album has brought together fantastic female vocals from “Ballad Queen” Yangpa, “Heaven’s Harmony” Big Mama and “R&B Queen” Park Jung Hyun, who featured in 3 of the album tracks.

According to Fantom Entertainment, the songs, which Yangpa, Big Mama and Park Jung Hyun featured in, were made to suit their voices. The label was also proud to say that these 3 songs are all possible to be the 2nd single off the album.

The album’s title song is called “Circus.”

Source: Nocut



  2. omg… i’m really looking toward this.
    Yangpa? Big Mama? Lena Park????? That’s crazy line up 😀

  3. nice in the next two weeks we got epik high and MC Mong comming out with albums.

  4. I like Mc Mong. i need his CIRCUS song. I want his pictures with other guys from 2days 1night the show on KBS world.

  5. mc mong mate u fuckin rule man love ur shit yeah man the shits!!!

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