Posted by: krnloop | April 10, 2008

Super Junior-M debuts in China

Super Junior-M, Super Junior’s newest sub-group composed of Hankyung, Shiwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Henry and Jomi, had its debut stage at the “8th Top Chinese Music Awards,” which is also known as “The Chinese Grammy Awards,” last April 8 at the Exhibition Hall Theater in Beijing, China. The group performed the Chinese version of “U,” which is off the group’s debut album.

Aside from performing during the event, Super Junior-M was also a presenter for the “Most Popular Singer of the Year?” award and after the show, about 70 media companies like Beijing Evening News, Beijing Youth Daily, Ching Hai TV and BTV, and 100 journalists swarmed the group.

The group’s debut was also voted as the “Most Impressive Moment of the 8th Top Chinese Music Awards” in a poll that was done in on April 9.

When asked how the group felt when it had its debut stage, Super Junior-M said, “We were very tensed but because of fans supporting our debut in China, we pulled it through. We’ll be working harder to present better performances in the future.”

Meanwhile, the show was broadcast live in and on the 15th, it will be aired through satellite TV in China. Super Junior-M’s first album “Me (迷)” is scheduled to be released in mid-April in China and afterwards in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and other Asian countries. The album, which has 12 tracks, includes 5 new songs and Chinese versions of “U,” “Don’t Don,” “Marry U,” and others.

Source: Chosun



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  2. that was fast. usually groups take a while to start promoting but I guess lee so man wanted the elves to get used to suju M or something like that….

  3. Happy britdhay to reon wook for 21 juny.I,m sorry this is today

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