Posted by: krnloop | April 10, 2008

BIG BANG’s new song: “Until When”

Fans are in for a treat in the upcoming concert of BIG BANG in Busan on April 12 because the group’s new song called “How Long/Until When,” which was written by G-dragon and composed by G-dragon with Kim Do Hyun and will be included in the group’s new album that will be released this Summer, will be opened to them. The reason being is that this song was made for the fans so fans should enjoy it.

A special “Until When” video, which was specifically made for the concert, will be opened to the audience.

“I’d like to thank fans for always believing in us and giving us the courage when we’re having hard times. The best way to repay fans is through music,” G-dragon said, who has been accused of plagiarism because of the group’s hit song “Lie,” which he also made.

BIG BANG’s nationwide tour called “2008 Global Warning Tour” is going to start in Busan on the 12th, then in Kwangju on the 27th, in Wonju on May 11, in Daegu on May 24 and in Seoul on June 21-22.

Source: Newsen



  1. I would love to hear the new song.

    I’m waiting for this….

  2. G-Dragon is so gay. I can’t stand the way he has the black glasses on.

  3. […] from letting fans preview its new song “Until When,” BIG BANG is also going to do a “Hana Yori Dango” parody during its “2008 […]

  4. i cant wait to hear the new song either!!! love you guys!

  5. zizy – nah he’s not SO gay in those hot glasses. it suits him :D:D
    and whats wrong about being gay? XD

  6. אני מחכה ליראות אותכם בהופעה
    אתם להקה מהממת
    אני מתה מהיופי שלכם
    אוהבת אותכם big bang my

  7. היתי שמחה אם היתם מגיבים לי

  8. אני אוהבת אותך כל כך מאוד ליליה טוב חיים שלי

  9. I love you Big Bang .
    I hope that someday you will come to Israel for some appearence . ❤ love love love u ! ! !

  10. שלוםם לכול מי שמעריץ את ביג באנג כנסו לפורום:

  11. bi big bang-d hairtai I LOVE BIG BANG

  12. hi how are you.

  13. i love em’ dang they be wearin em’ fresh sneacker!xDDD

  14. kwon ji yong I love you

  15. tiimeee big bang goi shuu
    love ya guys

  16. ted mongold irex bolov uu

  17. i love gdragon!
    and hes not gay!
    but don’t like him either, cause hes mine ❤

  18. รัก Big Bang ทุกคนเลย ยย ย , ,,
    โดยเฉพาะ GD รักเว่อ ๆ ค่า ~ *
    Big Bang ซา รัง เฮ โย ^^


  19. i love ( A big bang )hahahahaahah

    • thank you vere

      • big bang is the best band on the planet

      • nhom big bang that la dep trai em yeu anh siung ri

  20. מאוהבת בכם 3> לאב יו ביביי

  21. hello everybody how are you?

  22. TOP only you kekekekeke i love

  23. thanx you are the best

  24. OMGEE! they are all so hottt ;]

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