Posted by: krnloop | April 9, 2008

SS501’s concerts in Japan

SS501 will again be seen in Japan through its concerts on July 12-13 at the Tokyo Dome City’s JCB Hall and on 16-17 at the Nanba Hatch in Osaka. From April 17-22, tickets will be exclusively sold to fan club members while general ticket sale will start on May 17.

In 2007, SS501 debuted in Japan with its single “Kokoro,” which ranked 9th in the Oricon chart. In September of the same year, the group held a 5-city Japan tour. A total of 6 performances were done during the tour that gathered 20,000 fans. On March 4, the group got an award for “The Best 10 New Artist” from the “22nd Japan Golden Disk Awards.”

Source: Yonhap


  1. kim hyun joong,,he`s very cute

  2. it’s very handsome boy…………

  3. he really is..

  4. sexy

  5. holaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. All ss501 members are so handsome….

  7. i love ss5o1.
    especially oppa hyun joong..
    when i can meet him??

  8. off çok yakışıklısn kim hyun joong

  9. kim hyun joong hafif bir gülümseme bile bi insana bu kadar yakışır mı ??

    tek hayalim onu görmek ❤

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