Posted by: krnloop | April 8, 2008

Seo Tae Ji auction ends

Seo Tae Ji’s auctioned clothes and accessories, which he used for the GM Daewoo “Tosca Premium 6” commercial, were successfully bid for a total of 14,569,000 won.

The auctions were held from January 31 to March 26 via the auction site Auction. All the earnings from the successful bids on Seo Tae Ji’s jacket, jeans, leather bracelet, t-shirt, belt, necklace, walker shoes and bracelet are going to be used as a fund for the hearing-impaired children.

Seo Tae Ji’s jacket was successfully bid for 4.85 million won, the jeans for 3.55 million won and the t-shirt for 2.278 million won. The walker shoes was successfully bid for 920,000 won, the leather bracelet for 900,000 won, bracelet for 868,000 won, necklace for 645,000 won and finally the belt for 558,000 won. More than 200 bidders participated in the auction for each of the pieces.

Source: Mydaily



  1. daaaang. that’s a lot for clothes, but at least it’s going to charity!

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