Posted by: krnloop | April 7, 2008

Paran releases “U.R.M.S”

Paran’s global project album entitled “U.R.M.S,” which happens to be the group’s 3rd album, is scheduled to be simultaneously released in South Korea, Japan, China, and Thailand, and 2 other countries on the 11th. “U.R.M.S” is an abbreviation of “you are my song.”

This album is said to make Paran be recognized as a vocal artist group. P.O, one of the group’s members, was even personally involved in the music making for this album.

Meanwhile, on the 18th, Paran is going to to make its comeback in KBS “Music Bank.” This will also be followed by various performances and guestings in other music and television shows.

Source: Paran




  2. i think this group is so under-rated. they’re just as talented and in some cases even more than the boybands out there but they just don’t get the same amount of love. i think they’re cute…they just need to get a new stylist!

  3. Talent is more important than look, style or beauty, don’t be so superficial.

  4. I can’t wait for their new album to come out. ^^ I hope its good. Thanks for the update ^^

  5. lantaklak apa orang nak kata janji kita dah buat apa yang terbaik.

  6. lantaklah apa yang orang nak ucapkan pada kita. Janji kita dah buat yang terbaik.

  7. […] 3rd album title track entitled “Don’t Cry” is now being criticized by Netizens and […]

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