Posted by: krnloop | April 7, 2008

BoA ranks 5th in Oricon Monthly Album chart

“Asia’s Star” BoA has sold more than 160,000 album copies for her 6th Japanese album, which placed her 5th in Oricon’s Monthly Album chart (March). BoA released her 6th Japanese album entitled “THE FACE” on February 27 and in March alone has already sold 167,609 album copies.

Last March 4, BoA’s 6th album ranked 1st in the Oricon Weekly Album chart, making her the second Jpop artist to have albums rank 1st for 6 consecutive times in the Orion Weekly chart. She comes 2nd to Ayumi Hamasaki, who has maintained 8 consecutive number 1 spots in the Oricon Weekly chart.

Meanwhile, the March album sales chart was topped by Utada Hikaru’s “Heart Station” with 480,081 copies sold and followed by Kou Shibasaki’s “Single Best,” which sold 341,598 copies. Veteran Ken Hirai’s “Faking Pop” followed with 225,892 sold copies and The Brilliant Green’s “Complete Single Collection 97-08” with 167,796 sold copies.

Source: Mydaily


  1. i think boa’s really cute and all but i just don’t think she’s that great of a singer.

  2. she doesn’t have the best voice but shes well rounded.
    she can actually sing and dance unlike cough hyoricough sohee cough

    this girl needs a f**** comeback to korea!

  3. boa and dbsk is all hype, no talent

  4. Haters.

    congratulations BoA!

  5. Hey, I found this page called, they have a big collection of our princess BoA pictures and videos. Check it out yourself. Don’t forget to thank me. ^^

  6. Ey, I’ll just add you in the Blogroll so you won’t have to keep posting in news threads. Thanks.

  7. Boa, i love your music and my friend tina sounds like you when she sings. I don’t know why some people say you can’t sing your better than these american singers. YOU ROCK! *:)

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