Posted by: krnloop | April 4, 2008

Tim changes for promotions of “War in Me”


After 5 years since his debut, Tim is going to promote an upbeat song called “War in Me.” Although Tim guested in various programs and showed off some dancing, this will be the first time that he will be promoting and dancing to an upbeat song. “War in Me” was made by Kim Young Hoo and is an urban style track with hardcore drumbeats and traces of ballad.

This Sunday, April 6, in SBS “Inkigayo,” Tim is going to open again his 4th album activities and to have a short dance stage that he has practiced for a long time.

“I’m tensed because this is the first time I’m going to have a dance stage. I practiced hard to give the best performance,” Tim said, who is worried of not disappointing anyone.

Meanwhile, fans are already talking about this change in Tim and posts like, “I’m curious to what Tim’s dance stage will look like,” and “I’m expecting a perfect performance because Tim always performs well,” were posted online.

“War in Me” is included in Tim’s 4th album entitled “Love Is…,” which was released in October 2007.

Source: Newsen


  1. as much as i LOVE tim, i’m kind of excited and scared at the same time to see him dance. here’s hoping he does it well and good luck to him! he has a great voice nonetheless.

    thanks for providing us with this news!

  2. his album is so old. Just give it up already. He’s not that big anyway. Why waste others’ time.

  3. hey i saw this guy eating with a group of his friends in socal last year! hmm, he was acting a little feminine but he was nice. he actually paid for his entire group’s dinner.

  4. tim i missed ya.
    havent seen much of him since loveletter and xman days.

  5. Wow…I can’t wait to see how he does with this type of song. ^^

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