Posted by: krnloop | April 4, 2008

Rain in “Time 100”


The online poll for this year’s Time’s “100 Most Influential People” have already started and currently in the topmost position is Rain, with almost 60,000 votes.

Every year, in the first week of May, Time magazine announces the list of names included in “Time 100,” which include people from different fields like economy, art, entertainment and science.

Meanwhile, Rain was last year’s landslide winner and attended the “Time 100” dinner party at the Lincoln Center in New York in 2006.

Source: YTN



  1. COOL

  2. time to get clickin again

  3. But it’s only the first week of April…not May. :/

  4. the only thing this proves is that he has more fangirls than stephen colbert. haha, i hope if rain does win, colbert does another segment about it. XD

    thanks for sharing the news! :3

  5. akon, I wasn’t clear enough. The May part is for the Time Magazine issue with the “Time 100.”

  6. How the fark is this guy influential?! I still don’t understand what he did that made him so inspiring to the world T_T

  7. This poll is just turning out to be a “popularity” thing. Also, fans are backing him up that’s why he’s on top.

  8. He’s not even the most influential person in Korea. He just has a bunch of fangirls voting for him 24/7.

  9. yeah, the fact that you have to vote for this…-_-
    I really don’t think Rain is very influential.
    I mean, I like him and all. but compared to the others on the list…
    fanpower at work. XD

  10. wow i can just imagine all his fangirls and fanahjumas just clicking away

  11. i’ve said this before but i don’t think this poll has ANY credibility when britney spears is trailing in 2nd place.

  12. […] the other hand, Rain is still in 1st place in the poll for Time’s “100 Most Influential People,” followed by Britney Spears. Whether Rain can win this poll for 2 […]

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