Posted by: krnloop | April 3, 2008

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong wears a splint


It was reported a week ago that SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong injured* himself during rehearsals for SBS “Inkigayo” last March 23. At that time, it was said that his right leg has a more serious injury than what was originally thought.

Now, DSP Entertainment announced that Kim Hyun Joong is currently wearing a splint for his right leg. According to thorough examinations of his leg, it has been known that he has water on his right knee.

“He needs to take a rest and receive treatment for about 1-2 weeks. He is planned to not do any activities and to concentrate on treating his injury,” a DSP official said.

Source: Newsen

*I made a correction in the article on Kim Hyun Joong’s injury.



  1. OMG. Poor Joongie TT_____TT :hug:
    He shouldnt have wait for the injuries to get worse. Dang!

  2. […] Read the full news at KRNLOOP […]

  3. awww leader..he should’ve got treatment asap..

    ur health is first hyunjoong! get well soon~~!!

  4. I hope that he stop doing any activities for a while….(sometimes i think that he’s too stubborn). I had this injury before…so i REALLY REALLY suggest that he take a rest.

    As far as I know…till 080404…he’s still here & there…

  5. hi kim hyun joong i live in iran & i love you so much

  6. i love ss501

  7. hi kim hyun im a big fan of yours. im from philippines … more power to you mhwaa.cherry

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    and she has crush on u haha

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  17. Kim Hyun Joong oppa,,saranghaeyo!!^^

    • hello i love you all
      you are my idol will always be remembered
      i like you are

  18. Hello Kim Hyun Joong…
    your are the cool and you perfect…
    I love you

  19. hi i am big fanof ur i am from nepal me n my all friends we love u so much take care getwill soon

  20. kim

  21. hello,how are you to day?when you come to indonesia?

  22. …oh it’s very shocking,,get well soon..

    always take care of yourself….don’t push yourself to
    the limit….more power…bye!!!!

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  30. Kim Hyun Joong Oppa u r the BEST!! love u ;* We need u 2 stay healthy so we can c u more!!;D take care! U r famous, even in our country, kuwait!

    HE’S VERY cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute


  32. “HYUN JOONG”



  33. Dearest Hyun Joong

    Pls take care of your health, nothing is more important than a healthy leader. Your team needs you. Have a speedy recovery.

    Love you, your fan always


  34. hi kim hyun joong nice nice

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  36. oh………….my prince of charming
    I Love You,,YOON JI HOO

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    Kim ,
    never stop believing and never give up your dream .I want to make a friend with you.I am waiting for your reply .


  38. Hello Kim Hyun Joong!!! Jiayou!!! I will support you forever!!! I love you!!! 🙂

  39. hi kim hyun joong

  40. hi kim hyun joong oppa
    get well soon.


  41. get well soon!!!
    lOve you!….
    don’t abuse ur self!!.,.,.,……

  42. jihoo sebagai kim hyun joong ak

    • kim hyun joong menonjolkan gaya yg sangat romantisdan cool

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    By: Lee Hee Young on July 25, 2009
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  95. I love kim.

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