Posted by: krnloop | April 3, 2008

Peter, “Album of the Month”


Peter’s 1st album entitled “Showman” was selected by the Ministry of Culture as this month’s “Album of the Month.” Out of the 10 tracks in the album, Peter made 7 of them, proving his singer-songwriter ability. Peter also takes pride in being able to do tap dancing, ballet, hip hop and other modern dances. He has been dancing since he was a kid and was dubbed as a “genius dancer” for winning in an Australian Dance Championship for 5 years in a row.

Peter expressed his gladness in receiving this meaningful award and intends to repay the recognition by doing his best in his activities.

Source: Sports Chosun


  1. Peter? Really? He’s terrible.

  2. ^You’re terrible. Shuddup. Peter’s better then you. You jealous puddle of mudd.

  3. I’ve alway seen him in Star Golden Bell and he always get edit out, I feel so bad for him, but I did get to see him dance though, this dude is freaking AWSOME.
    I’m glad he’s doing good in his singer side, cuz look like the variety show side didn’t go too well, i always feel bad for this guy.
    I have to check his album out

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