Posted by: krnloop | April 2, 2008

SS501’s April Fool’s Day joke


SS501, who has been active promoting “Deja Vu,” played an April Fool’s Day joke on the DSP Entertainment staff. SS501 said that it was going to stop being singers.

“I didn’t realize that it was April Fool’s Day so I was really surprised when SS501 members said that they would stop activities. I fell for it and got worried for a while,” a DSP official said on April 2.

“After a while, I knew that SS501 just played an April Fool’s Day joke. But still, I didn’t easily recover from the shock that I got when they said they’ll stop being singers,” continued the official, who thought that the incident was still a close call if the members were really serious about quiting as singers.

Source: Starnews



  1. If only it were true 😛

  2. What do you mean by that, Jackie?

    Bashed me all u want..because I’m not coming back here anyway…
    Need to realize something here…lots of people got worried because of this (because lots of people take is seriously….)

    Huhu..surely..this particular prank…considered it as success lol! Since it become hot topic among SS501 fans yesterday^^

    Good job guys!

  3. Jackie, I bet you are one of those cassiopeia thingy.

    SS501 are so evil.. *lol* I love them to pieces. So to those who love to bash them, just back off.

  4. is a group cute bye

  5. ss501 elemanları daha fark ettik ama gayet iyiler onlarıda seviyoruzzz

  6. ss501 yeni grup olmasına rahmen çok tutulduu vee bizde onları çok seviyoruzzzz

  7. yeoboseyo….
    anhyeong haseyo….

    sorry i’m just can say it in korean cz i don’t study korean language in my school…

    i hope u held a concert in Indonesia because alot of girls in my country want to see your concert and your performance in here.
    @T the last i hope u or your bandmates answer my request by e-mail

    ss501….. aja aja fighting….

  8. wooooo0000o000ow ho0000ove kim hung

  9. wooooo0000o000ow lo0000ove kim hung

  10. aaa!!!!!
    esta genial
    la imagen
    te amo (i love you)
    te adoro

  11. I like to SS501 I love SS501. Welcome to Mongolia come her please kiss kiss

  12. wow,jakie,you are mean.that is not funny.if ss501 they going to stop the activities i am going to be so mad

  13. ta ih hoorhoon ym aa bi tanitai gerlemeer bna shvv hamt hvvhed gargaj hool hamt idej bal saraa hamt ongorvvleed l te saihan

  14. i think SS501 is a super duper group coz their leader is the great

  15. Youngsaeng you look cool you are handsome! Welcome to mongolia please?

  16. hi how are you ss501,,my god kim joong your so cute in your be my girl music video,,,its breth taking really,,,

    hope you will be here in philippine,,,take cre god bless,,,,,

  17. anyong haseo……..


    hallo SS501….. I love your song very much..
    Would you come to Indonesia?? I’ll be waiting for your coming…………………….

  18. hai………I’m your fans from Indonesia…..

    I really love your performance……please come here..,…..

    Love for SS501 especially Kim hyun joong…..I love your hair….

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    من وقتي ازدواج كردم ميام كره زندگي كنم من كره را دوست دارم

    I am living Iran’s you really improved silent chatter I “With 2 Korean language I when I married mahseff North Korea North Korea life I love

    나는 살아 있는 iran’의 개선이 침묵을 지키는 잡담” ”€œ2 한국어와 결혼할 때는 나는 mahseff 북한 사랑의 삶

  21. i like you perfomance…
    i h0pe you guys came to malaysia….
    i very like at kim hyun joong and heo young saeng..
    muah ss501…

  22. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!your so cute tlaga I LOVE YOU ALL sikat kayo d2 sa philippines,
    un lang



  23. LOVE SS501~

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