Posted by: krnloop | April 1, 2008

Wheesung, “Love Seat” single


Today, April 1, Wheesung’s last recorded song before having a vocal cord operation in February was released as a digital single entitled “Love Seat,” which was written and composed by Humming Urban Stereo’s Lee Ji Rin.

According to Orange Shock, Wheesung’s label, the song is a fusion of fresh acid jazz style music with Wheesung’s sweet vocals.  Wheesung said that he felt awkward singing the song because it was his first time to try this genre but was satisfied with the results.

Meanwhile, the song will be used as the theme song for So Ji Sup and Lee Yeon Hee’s OCN short film “U-Turn.” It will also be used as the background music in the Ssangyong Motors Actyon commercial.

Source: Yonhap


  1. Oooh! This should be really good. I love Wheesung’s voice and I’m a big fan of Humming Urban Stereo. This should definitely be interesting ^^ can’t wait~

  2. Thanks for the news. Wheesung looks so young in that photo ^^

  3. I LOVE THIS SONG. ❤ I didn’t know it was him at first, though, but he sounds good 😀

  4. i don’t like his personality .. well the coccky jal nahn chuk thing hes got going but he is talented.
    but his voice is pretty weak ever since his surgery! i feel sorry for him.

  5. mm can’t wait to hear the song~

  6. Thanks for posting this…dying to hear the song. Where can i download the song or at least listen to it?

  7. It’s in one of this site’s affiliates.
    It’s a VERY nice song!

  8. thanks krnloop i am adding you site yo my favorites i wish i have know this site earlier. keep on posting about wheesung i love this singer!


  10. เสียง คุณ เพราะ มาก

  11. sooo friggin hot!!!

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