Posted by: krnloop | March 29, 2008

Kim Jung Eun’s digital single


SBS announced on the 29th that the theme song of the music talk show “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocoloate,” entitled “Chocolate,” will be put in the market as a digital single.

“Chocolate,” which is a ballad song about a first love that is as sweet as chocolate, will be made available online on the 31st. Even the music video, which has scenes during Kim Jung Eun’s recording of the song, will also be released on the same day.

“The full amount generated from the sale of the single will be donated to the less fortunate,” SBS announced.

Source: Yonhap



  1. I’m pretty sure i will be buying that CD to add to my kim jung eun collection. She’s really a very kindhearted person. Love you girl.

  2. It’s actually not available on CD.

  3. hey. is Kim Jung-eun died?

  4. No.

  5. i really like kim jung eun… i’m a big fan of lovers… i’m so happy to find out that they are really a couple in real life…. i’m a big fan… i hope they make another tv series together.. many here in the philippines watch lovers everynight….

  6. yes is true we really like lovers especially here in philippines . Although it’s to late coz this year 2008 was publish but we grab the story immediately. So funny inlove… And the thing is they are real lover whats the love is?

    Can I ask how can I download the chocolate song of kim jung eun? please give an idea even I can’t understand as long my idol sang it heheheh …

  7. i love lovers too…by the way what happen…to her them in New York……

  8. where gonna find the ch’ok’ulrit album of ms kim jung eun I try to download but I can’t make it… I have album collection from her…

  9. yes I love this couple….may i know what happen to their trip in New York last july 23… I heard they going to shoot photo magazines…
    where are going to find that photo shoot??

  10. i was surprised to learn that lee seo jin is her boyfriend,its a long time she doesnt have one,im so happy for her, she has found the love of her life.
    shes so beautiful as ever…

  11. haha..nice one..i love kim jung eun..

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