Posted by: krnloop | March 28, 2008

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong, first solo stage


In next week’s Mnet “MCountdown,” on April 3, it will be SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong’s first time to have the stage all to himself for he will be performing Se7en’s “Passion” in MCountdown’s “Special Stage.”

“After debuting in 2005, this will be Kim Kyu Jong’s first time to go up on stage alone. The pressure is big but this is going to be a time to show a different side of him. Among the SS501 members, Kim Kyu Jong’s the calm and reserved one but after activities in Japan, he changed and developed,” a DSP Entertainment official said.

Source: Hankooki


  1. This is one of the greatest pieces of news that I’ve heard in a long time! O_O


  2. Thanks for the information!

    I hope that kim jong kyu has had plenty of success in his performance!

  3. Good luck kim kyujong.
    I always love this boy.
    I know he can make it great.
    He become more handsome, mature and confidence in ss501 new single.
    Great to see his improvement. 🙂

  4. good luck Kim kyu jong. We will always love you..

  5. Thanks for the news~~

    T_T I’m trying to find the performance, but I guess it’s not up yet.

  6. […] Kyu Jong was previously reported to perform Se7en’s […]

  7. very cute, i’ll always love you!!!!!

  8. 🙂 Kim Kyu Jong is fine 🙂

  9. น่ารักกันทุกคนเลย เกินบรรยายจิงจิงเลยค่ะ

  10. Kim Hyun Jung resembles the oppa who make frames for my paintings …(sigh)

  11. ahh… so cutr HOT!!!!!!!!
    he is so kind… gooooooooood man

  12. Hei…
    Kamu manis bnget…
    Dan juga cute bngt.q suka dg crMu berekting.Maju terus…

  13. I like you and your fingers.

  14. kyu jong is hella,and sexy i wanna kiss his sexy lips

  15. Good luck kim kyu jong. he become more hundsome mature and confidence is ss501 newsingle. great to see his lmprovement. I am myanmar girl.

    • thank you can u b my frnd

  16. hola:
    soy una fan peruana los ADMIRO por la clase de musica que producen me encantaria comunicarme con ustedes o almenos uno mi correo


  17. hola soy una fan hondureña los admiro mucho he visto todos sus programas de tv su musica es genial espero comunicarme con ustedes mi correo es:

  18. I always liked Kyu Jong, from what I read on him
    He is a very quiet and positive person

    All the best to him and the rest of SS501

    Maybe one day they will come to New York, no matter they are not performing together right now

  19. i love kim kyo jong . . .

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