Posted by: krnloop | March 28, 2008

Danny An: “god members initially didn’t like Kim Tae Woo”


god member Danny revealed in last night’s episode of KBS “Happy Together” that when god was just formed, times were difficult and that members initially did not like Kim Tae Woo.

Danny An started his story by saying that before g.o.d. was finally formed with Kim Tae Woo, aside from members Park Jun Hyung, Yoon Kye Sang, Son Ho Young and himself, one female and one male member were to be added.

“Our name then was not ‘god’ but ‘god six’,” Danny An said.

Then at that point, Park Jin Young came in the picture as the group’s producer. Park Jin Young said that it was not going to be a mix group and recommended Kim Tae Woo to be part of the group and the female member got dropped from god six. Until now, Danny An still feels sorry for the supposed-to-be female member of god.

“When Kim Tae Woo entered, the members didn’t like him,” Danny An said and added that they could not stand him.

Danny An also shared an instance when Kim Tae Woo ate all of Park Jun Hyun’s birthday cake when all the members thought that he was not welcome to do so. A confrontation happened after this.

“How come you ate all the food? You ate everything that we could have eaten for a week,” said the other members, which made Kim Tae Woo cry.

Eventually, Danny An said that members liked Kim Tae Woo because they saw that he is a good guy.

“Soon enough, everyone became close. Practices became at ease.”

Source: Newsen



  1. poor guy, but at least they got close! they didn’t have to make him cry though…

  2. awww. kim taewoo does seem like a great guy.
    and danny! danny ahn is love. he looks a lot like jun jin here, though.

  3. Don’t make him cry!
    Now I feel hurt T___T
    Love Kim Taewoo on Invincible Youth and I actually thought that him eating all the cake was pretty cute….
    tsk tsk, it’s not good to be bad to the maknae.
    But at least they grew close in the end<3

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