Posted by: krnloop | March 27, 2008

FT Island, Malaysia tour


After promotions in Thailand last December 17-19, 2007, FT Island is holding its first promotions in Malaysia from March 27-31. The group is leaving Korea on the 27th and will stay in Malaysia for 5 days and 4 nights.

On the 28th, FT Island will be busy doing media interviews and guestings in 8TV and 98.8FM radio. The next day, a fan meeting and fan signing event will take place.

The group is scheduled to hold a concert on the 30th at the Sunway Lagoon with 3,000 people and will be performing live songs from its first album, “Cheerful Sensibility.”

“We’re very happy to be able to visit Japan, Thailand and now Malaysia. Thanks. We’ll do our best and give a great performance,” FT Island expressed.

On the other hand, FT Island is set to leave on April 11 for its concert in Thailand on April 12.

Source: Starnews



  1. i heard jong hoon (the leader) have a problem with visa inside the airport. but not sure maybe someone can confirm on this ..

    looking forward for the concert.

  2. yup, he is…

  3. huhuhuhuhu…… ft island concert in Malaysia are cancelled.we in here are totally not happy with this news… why this should happen? I hope someone will explain what actually happend to them.

  4. another one cancelled after the kwangju one… I wonder why…

  5. because the ci entertainment and ft manager problem …
    the manager dun wan ft goto concert dunno why……
    but i can tell u all is ft island manager GOt problem wan
    they say the concert is too small n hot n not aircond ….i think this is juz a excuse onli …….
    and i think ft island they oso wan to have this concert but they manager dun have them to do it ……wan cancelled it …….actually 30 mar 08 about morning like this Got someone say ci entertaiment director cry is nichole …..she cry at the hotel lobby many ppl osos saw it ……this maybe is mentioned tat she already know earlier this concert will be cancelled ….
    ci entertainment and ft island company or manager so terrible

  6. even they want to cancelled the concert, at least they shoul tell about it early.i feel so kesian (pity) with other fans those who already buy the tickets…..

  7. Damn that was so awful…
    The management have to be responsible for everything that happened. They could’ve said sorry or something…
    They also should’ve said it in advance that they will cancel the concert. Damn this makes me angry. >:S
    Look at BigBang.. So professional! Go BB!!!

  8. hey people, i know its sad because the concert is cancelled,. but we can’t blame FTI,. its actually the management that sucked tremendously.): hope their’ll come again:)

  9. yeahhh…im so sad to hear dat’ too…

    it should not be cancel…

    we’re looking forward to see em’ rox da concert in malaysia….

    hope they’ll come later…aft all of the problm settle

  10. anyong!!!!!!!!! how awful!!!!!!!gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so not happyy!!!!!! hope that we can go to korea!!!!! love yi jae jin so much! plz!its suppose to be yi! i wathed his show in kbs and in the cast it says yi jae jin! not lee jae jin!still supporting and loving ft island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  11. the concert has long been cancelled but my i am still angry to that entertainment……
    arghhhh!!!!! hate them but i wanna see ft island concert really2 bad.
    i want to go to korea to meet them!!!
    anyone can sponsor me? lol!!!

  12. i’m so shocked when i heard this….

    but ft island didn’t give any comment bout this….

    what had happened? i’m sure malaysian will get so frustrated.. i almost buy the ticket to malaysia… but since i’ve a lot of stuff to do.. i juz forget it…

    anyone noe if ft island had make some comment on this case?

  13. i love jaejin

  14. its been 3 years now, have they still boycotted malaysia? its pretty sad.

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