Posted by: krnloop | March 26, 2008

Park Jin Young participates in a movie


A dance movie, where singer and producer Park Jin Young will participate in, is in the works.

Movie production company Motion 101 announced on the 26th, “The dance movie with Park Jin Young participating in it already started its planning and development. It’s planned that Park Jin Young will develop the choreography that will be used in the movie. We have recently met with Park Jin Young and the movie was discussed. The scenario is still not yet out and although Park Jin Young is to be in charge with the choreography, it still hasn’t been decided if he will be an actor in the movie.”

According to JYP Entertainment, that although it is true that Park Jin Young is going to be involved in the movie production, details like if he will act in the movie etc. have still not been decided.

Source: Yonhap



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