Posted by: krnloop | March 26, 2008

BoA’s brothers


The Kwon siblings, Soon-hwon, Soon-uk and BoA, are very supportive of each other.

In fact, Kwon Soon-uk (27) directed the music video of the “Laprimo” digital album of pianist Kwon Soon-hwon (28).

Although BoA and her 2 older brothers have different fields they work in, they still manage to help and support each other. Like last year, BoA returned to Korea from Japan to attend the launching of her brother Kwon Soon-uk’s fashion accessories business. Her other brother, Kwon Soon-hwon, showed her support for his sister and did a piano performance during BoA’s showcase.

Kwon Soon-hwon is currently preparing to enter the Royal Academy of Music in London, which is one of the world’s leading music schools. Aside from directing music videos, Kwon Soon-uk has also expanded his business into the jewelry brand Ramee, which will be available at the Lotte Young Plaza in Myeongdong.

Meanwhile, “BoA the Live X’mas” DVD will be available in Korea today, March 26. The DVD, which showcases BoA’s performance at the Tokyo Forum Hall on December 11, 2007, was released in Japan last March 19.

Source: Empas



  1. ^although Boa and HER 2 older brothers^. just a lil error that i saw.

  2. this is so cute, considering i love boa. >_>
    especially since all of them are/have been involved in music. :3
    now that’s what i call a talented family. XD

  3. omgg the one in the brown is HAWT 0_o

  4. I believe he’s the pianist.

  5. so…

    BoA’s a famous singer known as the queen of asia and is trying to conquer the world, one of her brothers is a high leveled, high class pianist, and the other creates fashion accessories and jewelry and directs music videos…

    wow…. talented family. probably the most talented overall family. ever.

  6. I’m sorry, but the most “talented overall family. ever”? Oh shut up..not even lmao

  7. hey

  8. A close knit family……blessd with Talent n Fame.

  9. Aigoo!!! Handsome

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