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SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, leg injury


SS501’s comeback in the Korean music scene is facing a challenge because the group’s leader, Kim Hyun Joong, injured his right leg during the rehearsal for SBS “Inkigayo” last March 23. Although not present during the opening of the show, Kim Hyun Joong still performed “Deja vu” with the rest of the group.

Kim Hyun Joong’s leg did not recover completely and he got a check-up today, March 25. According to results, his leg injury was more serious than they thought but he is currently scheduled for an MRI exam. Based from the available exam results, it is possible that Kim Hyun Joong will have his right leg in a cast splint. (I read again the article and because of my lack of knowledge on medical terms, I thought “반깁스” means a cast. “깁스” is cast.”)

According to DSP, the group’s label, Kim Hyun Joong still wants to push through with SS501’s schedule despite his leg injury. Also, DSP already foresees that there is going to be a problem with activities now that one of the members is injured.

Source: Newsen



    it’s been forever since they’ve returned and now this happened.

    • xure????,,.

      • I feel very sad for him.

      • I hope he will get better

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      he is very handsome and beautiful over flower

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  2. his face looks hella different.. rumors are bound to be tarted, but heck he doesn`t look like the same dude to me… which is a bad thing since he was really cute before…and about the leg thing… hope he gets better

  3. […] was reported a week ago that SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong injured himself during rehearsals for SBS “Inkigayo” last March 23. At that time, it was said […]

  4. breezy, his face hasn’t changed? it’s probably the camera angle.



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  14. Kim Huyn Joong! Take care your health! Don’t drink sleeping pills! I was worry and sad when I heard that!
    Love you
    Kim Huyn Joong

    I wish someday, I will can meet you, face to face. I’m trying to that day come nearer.
    To your health!

  15. Oh sorry. He is KIM HYUN JOONG! That’s right!

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  145. hello.we hope you are always ok.we saw your movie(boys over flower).you was great.wight color on your
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  146. hello.we hope you are always ok.we saw your movie(boys over flower).you was great.wight color on your
    is good for you not dirty blue KIM HYUN JOONG.we wish success for SS501 @—>–

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  157. kim hyung joon will get better soon!!!

  158. I can die by his smile. Oh……… I really love you………

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    • i want see you only 1 onse. im iranian

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        kiss u

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  167. dear:HYUNJOONG..
    Your smile make my heart faster beating..
    Everytime i miss u
    everytime thinking about u..
    Always…thinking of u..

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  174. hello

    I hope you die because for me you are just a trash..

  175. hi Kim Hyun Joong

    can you visit ur fans in Viet Nam

    were realy looking forward 3 it…

    we will wait you and love you

  176. I live in a country in Quang Ngai…

    Quang Ngai fans want you visit here and we love you we love you


  177. kim hyun joong, ilove so so so so so much,, your so cute talaga…………. muahhhhhh muahhhhhh………… can you visit me in philippines, here in pangasinan, or in mangatarem national high school (mnhs)……………muahhhh

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  179. kmu keren banget!


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  189. You look really Cute. I love the way you dress up too.

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  197. KIM HYUN JOONG be happy. I am will be waiting for you

  198. where can i find more information about his life

  199. does Hyun joong visit this website?

  200. oh…… HJ you is very very handsome!!!!!!!!!!

  201. hi….kak kpan kakak main film lgi klw bsa kakak dtang k indonesia donk ,aku udah kngen bngt m kakak,,,,,ucpannya
    aku kngen kmu,bye miat d indonesia!!!!!!!!

  202. aiiiihh aha stas rekechechechemooooo
    kuando vienes a peru aka tienes millones y millones de fans y admiradoras estas muy buenazooooo
    yump!!!!! =D TE AMO

  203. ohh.he so handsome..
    he is like my hero…

  204. hello kim hyun joong, you know you are my platonic love for being the cutest kid and the best player in the world, act in the best ademasqe besides being a papasiiiiitoooooo! cuidate muxo is true i am Peruvian formed a fan club, animate to come to Peru and I will be your guide!

  205. I LOVE …………..KIM HUYN JOONG………………..

  206. Ilove the ss501 they’re my buty

  207. U r so handsome i like ur hair style,how make ur hair style please tell me???

  208. u r so cute n handsome, i like your hair style. i am from india(state,MANIPUR)

  209. los amo! no hay mas alla! son lindos, he visto sus entrevistas y son tan sencillos que me inspiran, quiza no puedan leer esto nunca pero en verdad son todo para mi.

  210. kim hyun joong eres la persona mas perfecta del mundo! te amo!

  211. lab yaah…

  212. ….

  213. oppa saranghae,i wish you always happy and success in your job

  214. i wish you could come to Vietnam,chu-a-he-o!

  215. Hello Kim Hyun Joong
    You are very handsome and beautiful
    You are so Hot.
    Wish you all succeseful.

  216. good thing he got better though… 🙂

  217. kim hyun joong…..

  218. Nnnnnnoooooo

  219. hi kim huyn joong i am from afghanistan i really like to see u here i love u cut boy

  220. hola
    grupo ss501 bueno queria decir que me gusta sus canciones bueno son muy lindos
    auque son coreanos y yo soy de otro pais de peru mmmmmmm solo quiero decearles suerte y me gustaria conocerlos en vivo pero creo q eso no se va a poder por ustedes estan muy lejos bueno amiguitos les deseo lo mejor los quiero a todos mua mua mua……

  221. so handsome,,,,,,, i like,,,, i hope SS501 WILL SUCCESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. oh my god soo cutee

  223. dammm ur fucken bomb!!!!!

  224. O.M.G so cute love i love those cute lips hahaha

  225. cute smile <3i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  226. i love hyun joong ❤ my real true love!!!

  227. really cute

  228. Aww at least he is better now!!:) khj all the way!!! Akin with ss501!!!!

  229. hola kim se nobe ser uno igualado pero ya que no entiendes nuastra idoma quiero que conoscas mexico plisss y mi sueño es conoserte en persana porfavor mis amigas y yo te amamos ers lo maxom

  230. I love you k jihooo gi mana kabar k jihooo

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