Posted by: krnloop | March 25, 2008

Sean’s good deeds


Today, March 25, Sean posted an entry in his mini homepage regarding Taean, which was struck by disaster in December 2007 because of an oil spill. Like other celebrities, Sean also recently helped in cleaning the oil spill in Taean as evident in the picture above. Moreover, without letting anyone know, Sean and Jung Hye Young also volunteered last year to help in cleaning up Taean.

“Taean looks better now than last year. But still, the scar remains. Taean, get well soon. I hope that Taean’s kids and residents also get well soon,” Sean posted.


Sean is married to actress Jung Hye Young and has two children, Haeum and Harang. The two are information ambassadors of Holt Children’s Services Inc. and are also giving contributions and volunteering in the said organization. Every month, the couple looks after kids in Holt’s temporary shelter.

The couple’s charitable works not only stop as volunteers in Holt’s Children’s Service Inc. but Sean and Jung Hye Young also save 10,000 won everyday and during their wedding anniversary and daughter’s birthday, they donate the saved money for the operation of hearing-impaired kids and during their son’s birthday, they donate their saved money to those in need.

Source: Starnews



  1. i would be SO sad if sean & hyeyoung ever separated. their family so awesome~

  2. sean’s realii a goodie.. so much for love
    *omo.. u liked the grace huh?*

  3. ditto bro!

  4. aw, that is so sweet. i love sean! 🙂

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