Posted by: krnloop | March 25, 2008

Rain, “Any Dream” music video



Last March 21, Samsung, a Beijing Olympics official sponsor, held a torch relay news conference and opened to the public the music video “Any Dream,” which stars Rain.

From May 4, 97 days before the Olympics, the music video will be utilized to advertise the Beijing Olympics. Moreover, a 15-second commercial was also made and will be aired in China and Hong Kong in early April.

Source: Starnews



  1. The dreadlocks aren’t so flattering on him :X

  2. whoaa how many anys can they come up with? but i must admit the videos and the songs are really cool! thanks for translating!

  3. i love that first picture of him, but not gonna say much about the second one… >.<

  4. He’s dressed like Big Bang(I mean the BB before, when they used to be HipHop except for the dreadlocks, its different from TaeYang’s)

    I’m so proud of them!

  5. He looks like a “gorilla” on the 2nd photo, seriously!

  6. […] song but also wrote, composed and produced it. He also directly choreographed the dance in the music video. This is the first time Rain wrote, composed and produced a song. He made the song while he was in […]

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