Posted by: krnloop | March 24, 2008

Skull re-enlisted last March 4


Stony Skunk member Skull (Jo Sung Jin, 29), who enlisted in the army last September but was asked to return home because of health reasons, enlisted again.

Flashback, when Skull enlisted into active service last September 27 at the Military Base 39 in Changwon, Gyeongnam, the training camp physician discovered liver hardening and hypertension so he was asked to go home and to get treatment for his health problems.

Last March 4, Skull finally entered 306 Replacement Center in Uijungbu, Gyeonggi-do for a 5-week basic military training and after that, he will spend the next 24 months in active service.

“After his physical examination, it was discovered through a blood test that he has hypertension and liver hardening so he was asked to receive treatment for his health problems in 3 months and later have his re-examination. For 3 months, he received constant hospital care. While being treated, music activities like performances and television appearances were not done to avoid exposure for as much as possible,” Yang Hyun Suk explained.

Source: Mydaily



  1. Hypertension? But he looks so healthy… eep must be all that msg filled ramen *quivers at the reading of those packages*

  2. i really hope he’s doing well now…


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