Posted by: krnloop | March 24, 2008

Lee Dong Gun to debut in Japan as singer


Lee Dong Gun, who is currently facing the tragic death of his younger brother, is going to debut in Japan as a singer and release a Japanese maxi single album entitled “Tsuki Akari,” which will be released on the 26th. Lee Dong Gun signed a contract with Sony Music Japan for this singing venture.

Aside from the new song “Tsuki Akari,” the single also includes “YOUR SONG,” and the Korean versions of Matsuda Seiko’s hit “Anatani Aitakute-MISSING YOU,” and Tokunaga Hideaki’s “Last Excuse.”

According to Lee Dong Gun he was glad to to to be back as a singer and to be able to work on great songs, especially Matsuda Keiko’s song, in a good working environment.

“I carefully chose the hit songs of this generation that fans will like to listen to. It’s my goal to reach the top spot of the Oricon chart,” Lee Dong Gun said.

Lee Dong Gun debuted as a singer in 1998 and released 2 albums and has concentrated as an actor since 2000.

Source: Yonhap



  1. am so looking forward to listen to his album..all the best to him~~

  2. I’m happy to hear that for my sweetie LDG!

  3. I can’t wait to buy a copy and listen to his rich and soft voice. The only one I have was those released in late nineties.

  4. any idea, where can i get the album in singapore?
    I’m till seaching it.

    Especially the songs that he sing in the show of “My boyfriends is type B” and “Sweet 18”. So nice…..

  5. we idol you

  6. LDG’s recent albums are all so good. Even though he was good at age 18, but I see the improvement since then. I am listening to the songs when driving. He is really a great singer. Watching the video attached with “My Biography” to see he sang the songs in studio makes my heart beats faster. He is really really handsome and attractive. Hope to see more of him.

  7. I love LDG….he’s so cute!!!

  8. I was juz born to be his fan….I guess…
    He’s so awesome!!!!!!I really really like his smile…..:)

  9. where can I get the album in Indonesia?
    Really hope a reply……..

  10. Lee dong gun… sweet…
    your sweet face’s like somebody’s close to me..

    love ur voice too

  11. I have listened to Mr.Lee Dong gun’s album, “My Biography”, And I love it!! The songs r soothing, relaxing, and kind of jazzy ones, but that’s fine coz I love that kind of music, wish u all d best in ur career LDG..!!!

  12. Almost forgot, my fav song is “Tsukiakari”, I can sing it over n over again..:-)
    Btw, for u in Indonesia who want’s 2 buy his album, u should buy it online, coz I have checked, n sadly I haven’t found music store that sold that album here,sorry..:-(

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