Posted by: krnloop | March 24, 2008

Epik High 5th album, coming soon


Epik High is set for its 5th album comeback in mid-April!

This great news was posted by Tablo in an entry, which he titled “Epik News,” in his mini homepage on March 22. Tablo posted that the album is called “Pieces, Part One,” which he explained is, by far, “the most personal work” he has done. He also mentioned that for 3 months, his life just revolved around the recording room.

Source: Starnews



  1. damn i can’t wait!!

  2. Hmm.. strange i thought the album was called “Menace to Society” which one is correct??
    p.s. please email me the answer at I’M SO CURIOUS ^^

  3. […] and offline countdowns have started today, April 10, for the release of Epik High’s 5th album entitled  “Pieces Part 1″ on the […]

  4. I also thought I was going to be called “Menace to Society”. But I just saw like the little clip on the website and it ft. Jisun. It has a House/electronica feel to it. I’m already enjoying it and it didn’t even come out yet.

  5. (: i’ve heard some songs from this new album. it sounds amazing.

    can’t wait to buy it!

  6. I,ve heard one song of this album.

    the song is ‘Umbrella’..

    may i get the album art from you???


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