Posted by: krnloop | March 22, 2008

TVXQ credit card


Members of TVXQ not only grace the pages of magazines or posters but also a credit card.

The said credit card, which has all of TVXQ members’ faces printed on it, is a commemorative item of the group’s Arena tour. Registration for the credit card started last March 19 at TVXQ’s Yokohama Arena concert, which marks the beginning of the group’s 3rd Live tour.

Source: Hankooki



  1. FIRST!
    I REALLY want that card.

  2. This Is STUPID

  3. oooh, i want one.
    it’s convenient. xD
    is it only for japanese residents?

  4. @mino
    That’s business (: I know of some Bigeast (Tohoshinki’s official fanclub in Japan) members who applied right away when they saw that advertisement. The number might’ve increased at the concert venue itself.
    More money for MasterCard *shrugs*

    Yes, it’s only for Japanese residents ><;

    I wouldn’t mind having that card, either. But I probably would be too busy staring at it to actually buy anything at all. LOL!
    Thank you again for the reliable news, krnloop! *thumbs up*

  5. hahaha i bet so many dbsk fangirls want this… not like it’s a bad thing ^_~

  6. hahahahhaa. man,now i’ve seen everything!! kekekekekke …still laughing

  7. this is crazy.. they must be so rich from all the advertisments they have..

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