Posted by: krnloop | March 22, 2008

Rich on his girlfriend


Last March 19 at the Changjo Concert Hall in Seoul, Rich attended a production conference of the musical “Our Town,” wherein he was casted as the lead. During the said press conference, he revealed the story behind the song “EJ’s number (010-4555-10XX),” which is a track from his 4th album that was just released last month.

“The song’s sad story is the same as the story of my girlfriend. The song’s title is composed of the initials and cellphone number of my girlfriend who died of Leukemia.

“In the musical, I play the character ‘Sangwoo’ whose wife died after giving birth. I also had a similar experience. 4 years ago, my girlfriend died because of Leukemia. The last scene in the musical reminds me so much of her. Now I remember a lot of memories of her. During those days, I was very sad and could do nothing but take a break from activities but now, I want to do my best in this work,” Rich said.

The musical starts its run on April 3.

Source: Health Korea News



  1. Awwww, this is rather touching. AND, this story seems quite sincere and NOT simply a stunt to garner more publicity.

    It’s so easy to forget that some stars are normal individuals who are not so far removed from society, and that they go through the same experiences as ordinary people.

    Thanks for the translation, as always!

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