Posted by: krnloop | March 22, 2008

Horan & Alex to go solo


Clazziquai members Horan and Alex are going on separate projects for now.

Horan joined the acoustic project group Ibadi as a vocalist for its 1st album entitled “Story of Us” while Alex is planned to release his solo album at the end of May. Ibadi is an old term which means “hold a feast” and is composed of drum and guitar player G.J and bass and keyboard player Justin.

“Because Clazziquai is a project group, solo activities of members are encouraged. There was a misunderstanding that the group’s going to disband while the two were preparing for their solo albums. This year, the group is planned to work on a new album,” a Fluxus Music official said.

Horan and Alex will concentrate on solo activities in the first-half of the year and then release a new Clazziquai album by the second-half of the year.

Source: Hankooki


  1. helow.. im from brunei.. i just drop by to say goodluck for alex.. i look cute.. nice voice for sure.. i know you from “we got married” its awesome.. you and shin ae was so romantic.. hope you’ll back soon and wont let shin ae wait for you so long.. =) take care.

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