Posted by: krnloop | March 20, 2008

“MTV Ultimate” on YG Entertainment


MTV Korea is airing the success story of YG Entertainment, the label that houses big names in the Korean music scene like Se7en, Gummy and BIG BANG.

“MTV Ultimate” is airing episodes on 3 major labels in Korea and Yang Hyun Suk’s YG Entertainment is first in line. The episode will showcase YG’s 10 years in developing hip hop and urban music in Korea.

Yang Hyun Suk’s company did not rise to fame in an instant. In fact, YG Entertainment’s first group called Keep Six was not able to appeal to the public. He then earned success with YG Family’s first generation artist Jinusean and later with hip hop group 1TYM and hip hop and R&B singers like Wheesung, Gummy, Big Mama, Lexy, Se7en, BIG BANG and Stony Skunk. These artists are collectively known as the “YG Family.”

MTV Ultimate’s episode on YG Entertainment will be aired on the 22nd at 10:50 pm, followed by Lee Soo Man’s SM Entertainment on the 29th and Park Jin Young’s JYP Entertainment on April 5.

Source: Yonhap



  1. Yeah YG! ❤ I think him and JYP are the better producers, imo. I like how YG picks based on talent rather than looks. It really gives him integrity, and I have so much respect for him based on that. All of his acts are talented, in many aspects. Love love love YG Family, old and new~ 😀

  2. Ahh, awesomee! I can’t wait to see that one. YG’s all about talent and it’s great the MTV Ultimate is showcasing its history. Woot! YG FAMILY FAMILY FAMILYYY!

  3. wow i can’t wait to see the MTV Ultimate episodes!
    especially the SM one haha >.>

  4. this sounds interesting. hopefully i can watch it somewhere!

  5. YG’s all about talent until Big Bang came out~~~~

  6. ^ whoa, harsh…

  7. WTF Whoever implied that Big Bang wasn’t talented is surely ignorant and have absolutely no chance of being accepted into the YG family. Big Bang EARNED their fans and reputation. Sorry but they’re better singers, actors, and dancers than you’ll ever be.

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