Posted by: krnloop | March 20, 2008

Lee Seung Ki’s skin is enviable!


Women envy Lee Seung Ki’s beautiful skin!

The skin care specialist company Gowoon Sesang Networks conducted a survey in its homepage from March 13-19 and asked which entertainer’s beautiful skin women are envious of. Out of 800 participants, 288 (36%) voted for Lee Seung Ki, which made the singer rank on top of the pack.

He was then followed by movie actor Jo In Sung (216 votes; 27%), Jang Geun Suk (117 votes; 15%) and Gong Yoo (45 votes; 6%).

Source: Hankooki



  1. i envy jang geun suk’s skin…-_-

  2. i love seungi gi

  3. you’re so cute!!!!

  4. aku ngefen sama kamu

  5. kok mirip kim nam gil???????????

  6. i like his hair!
    he’s lips is damn hot.

  7. your very cute……
    this imposible

  8. i love his hair!!!

  9. i love u lee seung gi ur so cute

  10. i like your smile….

  11. ngeFANS abbieezz deh gw….

  12. i like him. so cute

  13. I adore him so much. .

  14. Lee Seung Gi, you’re so CUTE in this picture. super cute.

  15. i like you a lot…..

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