Posted by: krnloop | March 20, 2008

Hankyung, Beijing Olympics torchbearer


Super Junior’s Chinese member Hankyung is going to be one of the torchbearers of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He will be participating in the torch relay that will start on August 6. The Beijing Olympics will be opened on August 8.

According to the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee, it recognizes Hankyung’s contribution to the cultural exchange between Korea and China and finally made him as a Beijing Olympics torchbearer. Chinese Netizens also think that Hankyung deserves to be a torchbearer because he is on top of Coca Cola‘s poll in selecting torchbearers. Coca Cola is one of Beijing Olympics’ official sponsors.

Hankyung will be attending a torchbearer oath taking ceremony on the 24th at 5 pm in Shenzhen, China, which will be recorded and broadcast through CCTV-5 and Guandong TV.

“I’m very happy and honored to be selected as a Beijing Olympic torchbearer. I owe fans their love and support. In the future, I’ll be presenting a better Hankyung,” Hankyung said.

Source: Chosun



  1. yipee.. finally he’ll be one of the torchbearers! i’m so happy for him..really! gonna chear for him..^^

  2. WOW!! I’m so excited xD
    I have to see that show… it’s at 5pm China time I suppose?

  3. It’s not a live broadcast.

  4. Oooh, I see. I’ll wait for it then :/

  5. He’s such a sweet person. I am so glad he will be bearing the torch for his country.
    Thanks for the news ^^V

  6. I’m excited for Hankyung bearing that torch! Yayy.
    Can’t wait to watch this summer.

  7. very well

    he is lovely

  8. way to go hannie!~

  9. I will love to watch it, since I am in Indonesia, so, I think I can’t watch him… I will wait for you tube version, I guest….Chayooo oppa!!

  10. woouu,,


  11. Ooh, Hankyung Hwaiting! ^^

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