Posted by: krnloop | March 19, 2008

Kim Bum Soo, soon to be discharged


On the 28th, Kim Bum Soo is going to be discharged from his service in the obligatory national defense duty.

Fans will just have to wait until around May for his 6th album. Kim Bum Soo will immediately work on the album under his new label, Polaris.

The “Singer Without a Face” Kim Bum Soo debuted with the song “Promise” and delivered hits like “A Day” and the theme song of the drama “Stairway to Heaven.” His 5th album “Remember Kim Bum Soo 5th & So Long…” was released days before he enlisted in active service duty on April 3, 2006. After enlisting, he served in the Ministry of National Defense and did many programs for the National Military Broadcasting.

Source: Yonhap



  1. OMG! Kim Bum Soo comeback. I can’t wait for this. I love u krnloop for this. I hope you will have update more on this. It have been 2 years. I’m screaming rite now. I love Kim Bum Soo.

  2. lol, sure, I’ll be doing follow-ups on him!

  3. i feel alive upon hearing kbs voice how i wish i can watch one of his concerts. tnx kbs for retuning to limelight BO GO SHIP DA!!SARRANGE, DO YOU KNOW THAT?

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