Posted by: krnloop | March 19, 2008

Jang Nara brings the sexy back


Yesterday, March 18, Korean Wave star Jang Nara had a press conference on the release of her new album “Dream of Asia” and opened to the public her album jacket picture that shows her sexy back. Jang Nara obviously took a step to show people that she is already over the cute image and is emphasizing that she is already a woman.

For the new album, Jang Nara recorded songs in 4 languages, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English. She also wrote all the lyrics to 11 Korean songs included in the album.

March 18 also happens to be Jang Nara’s birthday so she was asked what gift she would like to get.

“I would like to receive a massage and not a boyfriend. It’s because my feet and hands are tired,” she wittingly answered.

“Dream of Asia” will be released in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia on the 25th.

Source: Sports Chosun



  1. so sexy.

  2. Hy jang nara..Do u have any email(@hotmail.Com)??

  3. jang nara’s my idol.

  4. Gorgeous. But she’s still realy cute.

  5. she want to get undressed

    i wanna be the first who see her every inchi sexy body

    • pervert…

  6. it is just a lowly attitude by showong up her pure back

    she dare man’s pasion

    i dislike to dare

    when the darer is the beauty woman, sexy too

    it makes me losing …

  7. i love their sexy style …..

  8. she’sso beautiful and her

  9. h….’ can u add me?

  10. jara nag do u hav boyfriend

  11. nara jang do u hav boyfiend

  12. i just saw her once in tv,she took my attraction.she is gorgeous.smiles

  13. I love You JangNara… Your only girl i love… I LOVE U.. i will love u forever and ever

  14. Hi id0l jang nara im one 0f ur avid fan in phil. ur s0 cute just like me, take care

  15. she really brought sexy back..really love her

  16. i love oyu jang nara advance happy birthday and welcom back to korea..
    i wished youved come back here in the philippines..
    wish you do projects like concert here….

  17. hi! mischiev0us princess

  18. -“, hi nara.! Wil u add me?

  19. hi; im ur fan ur so beautiful

  20. hello jang nara i’m one of your biggest fan

  21. hai dea apakabr

  22. hai jang nara apkbr

  23. no bhs inggris

  24. jang nara I LOVE YOU

  25. wow very nice

  26. wow very nice and i need you come in indonesian

  27. jang nara please give me your new album

    • are u crazy

  28. Woww! So sexy Jang Na Ra. šŸ™‚

  29. hai how are u

  30. Nara is my angel.

  31. i miss u

  32. I LOVE YOU jang nara i’m from philippines i would like to see you in person. I MISS YOU


    take care

  33. 03428954081

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