Posted by: krnloop | March 18, 2008


I apologize for the error I did in writing the news on Se7en’s “White Day” party. I wrote there that Se7en will be performing when the songs were actually just planned to be played. I don’t know why I wrote that. I think I got hyped because the article said that 3 songs will be opened to the public and I jumped to the conclusion that he’ll perform them. I know I have “read between the lines” to an unbelievable extent.

Sorry it took this long to make this entry. I became a coward but just minutes ago, I was talking to a friend and realized that I should own up to my faults and say my apologies. So here I am, doing it. I’m very sorry. I hope you guys could forgive me. It’s embarrassing that this site has caused confusion, to think that this site is said to be “accurate.” I know it’s cliché but people make mistakes, and I’m no different.

I seriously thought of closing this site down because I thought I have just ruined everything I have worked hard for the past months but I changed my mind because I really love what I do here. This site is managed by a one-man team (LOL!) and although it gets hectic most of the time, I see to it that I regularly translate news for everyone to enjoy.

Please do correct me in the future if you see something wrong. (I don’t hold grudges when I’m corrected.) I would really appreciate it. I actually have been corrected on my grammar and I really appreciate it. I’m no grammar-know-it-all so it helps that people edit what I write.

Thank you so much for reading!  I’m deeply sorry. Friends again? LOL!!!!
I hope to start anew and I hope you guys will still support this site. I promise to read more carefully the news to avoid any errors.

Thanks again!

Always in the loop,




  1. krnloop

    first DONT CLOSE THIS SITE. I love You and i love this site!!

    second, no worries ok…You’re THE MAN!! i love what ur doing now and there’s no need for you to stop feeding us..ur good..really good. i know korean..but ur doing a better job translating the news for us…

    Keep it up ok..and will always support ya!!!!!

  2. haha noo worries at all!! this site is good either way!

    love the articles! keep them coming!

  3. krnloop, fighting!

  4. dont close this site!!
    you wont understand how convenient and glad i am when reading all the news on this site
    dont be defeated buy juz a mere mistake
    every one makes mistake
    juz learn from it then its totally fine

  5. No worries, everyone makes mistakes. It’s okay! -pats on the back-

    Please do keep translating~! You’re like.. the only neutral blog that translates news I have seen online. XD And you have awesome personality and cool to talk to. ^^;

    Thanks for all of your hard work!

  6. i would die if you closed this site.

  7. so don’t close it!

  8. hey, don’t sweat it! i think ppl would’ve been excited just to see se7en anyway, if they attended.

    it’s a small and honest mistake, so don’t stress over it! i think most of us are just glad krnloop is still around. (:

    Mistakes happen sometimes. At least we know there’s a real human being running this site, and not some random robots LOL.

    I don’t normally comment, but I really appreciate your work. Please keep it up. You have a whole lot of supporters here ^^

  10. PLEASE !!


    ps.ppl can do mistake even the media of korea still make some mistake !

  11. To error is human, at least you owned up to it. I don’t think its a big deal personally. And as for your grammar, I think it is better than most. Keep up the good work. HWAITING krnloop!!!

  12. There’s absolutely no reason for you to close down the site.

    I make mistakes and change my mind and I don’t think it cheapens what I write or report on — transparency is the key. And if you make a mistake and retract your error with full disclosure, you’ve done as much as anyone can reasonably expect. Nobody expects perfection. Integrity, on the other hand, is harder to come by, so do us the favor and keep going!

  13. Don’t even think about closing the site XD I love this blog’s impartiality and professionalism and it’s definitely my favorite k-pop news blog. You’re doing a great job and it says a lot about you that you can confront your own mistakes and publicly correct them ^^

  14. Everyone makes mistake and it’s completely fine xD I’m really glad you didn’t close down the site though. I love this place. I even put it as my homepage 😀 krnloop fighting! ^^

  15. We love krnloop! I’m sure all of us would be devastated if you closed this site! You’re my #1 source for Korean Entertainment news & you do a really good job. Thank you so much for your hard work!<3

  16. I love visiting your site EVERY DAY and it would ruin my day if this site were to close.

    Mistakes happen and it was honorable for you to apologize. Thank you for all the hard work you do!
    I don’t think your readers thank you enough 🙂

  17. I love your site~! Your translations are the best!

  18. i love coming to your site ! please never ever close it down =[
    i really appreicate your hard work ^_^ *FIGHTING*

  19. aww…one word and you have so many supporting comments 🙂

    i remember when the site first started and hardly anyone was leaving comments…i’m glad your site is doing well!

  20. HI.
    I’m a lurkerrr here =P
    But really, yuo shouldnt close the site down cause of that one mistake
    I saw the poster, and I think most people jumped to that conclusion
    So dont worry about it.

  21. Don’t close the site because of a silly little mistake. It happens and honestly, I have a lot of respect for you for apologizing. Keep your head up! You have so many readers that enjoy the news you provide.

    Krnloop Hwaiting!

  22. Hello:

    I FabiChan, the last few weeks ago I wrote to tell you that you have better news Kpop blog in English, I have a blog in Spanish News Kpop and I know it is hard not to make mistakes, you are my main source and thank you much for your news. Although not believe, I found your blog chance when barely started, and since that time are my favorite ^ ^ are the best stories are accurate and without discriminatory comments, please do not feel bad, everyone makes mistakes.

    That’s good that you continue with this blog, moves forward, and do not be afraid, make a mistake is human, and apologize is smart ^ ^.

    Krnloop, fighting!!!!!!!!!!

    See You ^^!!!!!!!

  23. OMG NEVER CLOSE YOUR SITE :O We forgive you lol ^^; Everyone makes mistakes 😀
    Plus, if we lose Krnloop, then we’ll have nothing. Allkpop, Popseoul, etc, all don’t report accurate news… or news at all, really. :/

  24. It was an honest mistake, I don’t think anyone will think badly of you!!
    I like that your site posts JUST news, no sarcastic comments or any of that crap…=]
    maybe a lot of people [self included] don’t always comment, but you are definitely appreciated =]

  25. i forgive you!
    just because you make one mistake, doesn’t mean you have to close down the site x.x
    i visit this site everyday! thanks for translating all the korean news.
    keep up the good work 🙂

  26. dear krnloop,
    mistake happens …
    and I think you’ve just already did correct it ^.^
    your work here, still shown your intention of being “accuracy”
    and that is the main reason I come here…
    very much appreciated and thanks.

    be strong ..go forward and don’t be put down from all this … OK?


  27. DON’T SWEAT IT KRN LOOP! You do an amazing job! Everyone has mad respect for this site so yay!

  28. dear krnloop,
    mistake happens …
    and I think you’ve just already did correct it ^.^
    your work here, still shown your intention of being “accurate”
    and that is the main reason I come here…
    very much appreciated and thanks.

    be strong ..go forward and don’t be put down from all this … OK?


  29. don’t trip, i didn’t even noticed the error…

  30. Just want to thank you for working so hard for us readers! I’m guessing it must be pretty hard work to keep up this site on your own, and we love you for it! This is THE best Korean Ent news blog I’ve ever come across, and I’d just cry if you shut this site down. KrnLoop FIGHTING!!

  31. everything’s ok ^^~ I love this site so much, actually now this one is the 1st one I check whenever I go online. Thank so much 4 not closing it & giving it up ^______^ hwaiting ^-^!!!

  32. It’s actually incredibly difficult to find an extremely reliable source of Kpop news that remains, for the most part, unlittered with opiniated thoughts, unnecessary bashing and nonsensical rambling. That said, I chanced upon your blog only a while ago, but it’s been of HUGE assistance in helping me to keep up with the Korean music industry. And I completely appreciate your reliable sources (which you always cite!), your translations and your noticable effort in attempting to keep this blog purely factual.

    It’s also an added bonus, as Javabeans mentioned in her comment, when the blogger himself/herself owns up to their mistakes and shows a great deal of professionalism and integrity.

    So thanks for your apology (although quite unnecessary =P), and DO keep up the good and wonderfully professional work!

  33. your apology is accepted ❤
    keep up the good work with the site!
    it’s good to see honesty these days too~


    aww man, don’t ever think that. Esp you being a one-man team is comendable! And I love your site because it gives me the news, without the over the top commentary in between.

    keep up teh great work!

  35. Ah! Don’t close down krnloop. I get my daily dosage of news from here. All of the news articles are much appreciated! It’s ok! Don’t worry about it. Live and learn. :]

  36. Compared to Popseoul, Shenyuepop, AllKpop, etc. you’ve done more than enough of great things. You have an absolutely wonderful translation site and I don’t even know how you even have time to do this! But it just amazes me your dedication to write articles. Please don’t let some minor error get you down.

    I hope your site will continue to have visitors and become even more successful in the future!

  37. As others have said, mistakes happen. Regardless, you have a great blog. Keep up the good work.

  38. DAMN! Jamie why do you even compare us with popseoul! T_________T
    just cuz we have a link to them since 2 years ago doesn’t make us them! you know!

    Have we ever made up news like them?! Defamed the artists the way they do? .. seriously .. think before saying hurtful things!
    and for the INFO .. popseoul readers hate SYP to the max! Just read their comment sections see what they think of SHENYUEPOP!

    KRNLOOP! … Tons of cheer .. !
    Things happen .. no one is at fault ^^…
    Keep up the good work .. let me know if you ever needed anything ^^..

  39. lol Shenyue, what about articles like talking about people who are “Hoes” and all that junk?

  40. I think the amount of comments and support that krnloop has received from this post alone shows you how much we appreciate your hard work~

    Keep it up! Definitely still friends. =)

  41. i love this site, don’t close it 🙂

  42. Please, don’t think in closing this site. This is the best one! I love your neutral news. Krnloop fighting!

  43. […] an entry to thank “my stars” who commented and not commented but still read the ERRATUM. I was deeply touched. At first I was scared to read the comments but after a day of avoiding it, I […]

  44. As javabean and playmeagain mentioned, at least you are mature enough to own up to this mishap. You can’t let something as small as that get ya down bro…otherwise you would spend your whole life on your ass wondering where you went wrong…mistakes are a human curse/gift. We make them, learn from them, and are able to teach others what we learned.

    I don’t hardly comment because I only browse here for news on a few artists (releases and such)…but I do appreciate all that you do…goddess knows I would be totally lost if someone didn’t translate all this for me…and it really is a pain in the butt to go back and forth from some sites and babble fish just to translate. LoL!

    Rock on bro…keep it real and have fun. Lifes entirely too short to worry about all the small things. And besides I know you aren’t the only one that made mishap…my homegurl was bummed cause she read in multiple places that he was actually going to be performing, and there are people out there that are being drastically less mature then you are about the mistake.

    So chin up and smiles on. Go forth and greet the world head first and balls to the wall.

    Thank you,
    The Ambiguously Gay Uno.

  45. The Ambiguously Gay Uno, wow, that’s nice!

    I wish you replied earlier so you could have got a spot in the “Thank You~” post. lol, it’s like the entry of fame. lol!

    I feel stupid for thinking of closing the site but I guess I wasn’t THAT stupid because I didn’t really do it. HA!

    Thanks for leaving a message. I appreciate it!!

  46. It’s aight…I don’t mind not being in the post…what I said was for you anyhow LoL. We all have our moments when we feel like throwing in the towel. But like everyone has been saying, you are a valuable part of our lives…even if you don’t see it 😀 It’s never stupid to be human…it happens, and all we can do is learn from it and keep moving forward.

    Always remember, and never forget, Head First and Balls to the Wall!

    Peace bro.

  47. LOLs!!!! I’ll keep that in mind. I might even keep it as my mantra. lol

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