Posted by: krnloop | March 18, 2008

Documentary on Se7en’s US debut


Se7en’s preview party at the Hiro Ballroom in New York held on March 14 was attended by a little over 1,000 people and three of Se7en’s songs from his US debut album, one of which features Three Six Mafia, were played.

During the event, HOT 97’s DJ Miss INFO introduced Se7en first then he came up the stage and introduced himself.

Interests on the showcase were hot and the inside story is that BET, a local broadcasting corporation, has shown its interest to produce a documentary on Se7en’s US debut.

Videos of the showcase were also posted in Youtube and a Korean Internet community have already recorded 30,000 or more hits. There were also positive reviews like “His songs are very nice. They’re the kind of songs that will fit well in the US market” and “His songs seem to be good enough,” on the songs that were opened during the event

Se7en’s other preview parties are planned to be held in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and even Toronto, Canada.

Source: Sports Korea



  1. Thanks for the translation!

    30,000 hits? I think that’s an exaggeration.. even if they added up all the separate videos hits together, I don’t think it even reached that yet.

  2. Korean media like to exaggerate.

  3. Hey~Lisa ^^

    This translation has clipped the original contents of the Korean news~

    The 30000 hits are recorded on the duam video which had been reproduced by Youtube!^^

    Now,the hits even more than 42000
    and i bet that will be much more hits within the next few days—!^0^


  4. There’s no exaggerate~!
    check out my explanation on the comments of 3~~~^^


  5. Honestly, I didn’t like any of the songs. You can probably turn on the radio and hear something similiar.

  6. toronto… TORONTO…. TORONTO?!
    OMG WHAT HE’S COMING TO TORONTO?? This is seriously like a dream come true!! Thank you so much for the news.

  7. @Amy: That’s the point. Se7en can start following the trend to get ahead (there a lot of hits in the U.S. that aren’t that special) and THEN put his own style later. It’s the same with Korean artists going over to Japan with generic pop stuff – it’s all about strategy.

  8. I like your viewpoint Jamie.
    Besides,i love all of the three songs from se7en!
    se7en FIGHTING!!!

  9. Great jobs..

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