Posted by: krnloop | March 17, 2008

May Doni: “Se7en is a very caring oppa.”


In an interview with Newsen, May Doni expressed how surprised she was at the amount of interest on her since she debuted on stage with Jo PD.

“When I debuted, I was very surprised of the attention I got and I even got in search rankings. It’s a lot of pressure but I’m working hard in order to not disappoint people,” May Doni said.

May Doni also said that being called the “Female Se7en” is good but also a lot of pressure.

“Everyone recognizes Se7en as a big star and being compared to him is such an honor. Being called the ‘Female Se7en’ creates a lot of expectations and pressure but I’ll work hard to reach those expectations. I’m going to do my best to be a singer as great as Se7en.

The rookie singer also revealed something about Se7en who she knew when she trained under YG Entertainment.

“Se7en took good care of me and was fun to be with. He is a very caring oppa.”

Source: Newsen



  1. despite the image she’s been given to… market…? i really like her voice.

  2. I still feel dissapoint that she left YG.
    YG has the point when making her training longer!

  3. it’s nice pic u lookin very^**^ cute this
    pic i like your new video song ….keep it
    up…and keep rockin always…love u..

  4. Everyone says she should’ve stayed at YG to train longer.. but even I couldn’t wait for her to debut! =D Go May Doni!

  5. That picture.. she looks kinda uncomfortable and the pose is way out of it. But her voice does impress me when I first listened to her. But calling her the FEMALE SE7EN, that’s outta the question.

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