Posted by: krnloop | March 13, 2008

Yoo Young Jin praises BoA & TVXQ


SM Entertainment’s hitmaker Yoo Young Jin (38) praised BoA and TVXQ in an interview with Yonhap News and said that the former has surpassed his expectations and how hard-working latter is.

“BoA’s special ever since I gave her her debut song ‘ID;PeaceB.’ I made that song and although I let her listen to the demo track, I hadn’t arranged how it was going to be interpreted. We recorded the song 3 days later and the result was beyond what I had envisioned. BoA’s ability to interpret a song is excellent. BoA is still evolving,” Yoo Young Jin said.

“TVXQ’s been flying back and forth between Korea and Japan and in a year, they get to rest for only a week. The group’s vocal abilities have improved quickly considering how tired the members are,” Yoo Young Jin evaluated.

He also shared during the interview that he occasionally teaches TVXQ members on writing songs and advises them that writing songs is not about wanting it to be the title song of an album.

Source: Yonhap



  1. BOA ❤

    And TVXQ definitely needs more than a week off to rest with all of that work they do.

  2. Thank you for the article!

    One question though, the part that goes “I made that song and although I let her listen to the demo track, I haven’t arranged how it’s going to be interpreted”.

    Wouldn’t it be more correct to write it as “…I hadn’t arranged how it was going to be interpreted”, since YYJ is speaking about an event that has already happened?

  3. Ayano, thanks for the correction! I already edited the article.

  4. ^ No problem (you didn’t change the “it’s” to “it was” though)

    Also, “invisioned” should be “envisioned”. Sorry, I’m the type to notice these things ^^;;

  5. I usually go back these articles hours later and that’s when I see the wrong stuffs. LOL. Thanks again.

  6. Made sure to credit you

    Great translation!
    I’m definitely liking your features on BoA, in which we do not have enough translators around for! Thanks thanks

    Great Composer/Writer/!
    ID;Peace B now Girls on Top! woot

  7. I thought you guys have Translators at Boajjang. I go there too but my identity there will remain as a secret. LOL. I like BoA too so I write as much as BoA news as possible.

  8. wow…only a week…

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