Posted by: krnloop | March 13, 2008

Jinu & Kim Jun Hee’s married life ends


Jinu (37) of the hip hop duo Jinusean and his wife actress-singer Kim Jun Hee (32) have mutually agreed to file for a divorce after about 2 years since their marriage in May 2006.

“The divorce was filed due to irreconcilable differences and they have been separated since late last year. Jinu’s experience in separation has totally left him in pain and he is in the US to cope with it,” YG Entertainment, Jinu’s label, announced on the 13th.

Source: Yonhap



  1. This is sad to know..they looked so happy & cute together i wanna know why..thanks for translation..

  2. OMG…am having an anxiety attack…wait..i think am too young to be having that…LOL..thanks for sharing the news ^^

  3. aww i thought that they were cute together…
    but is this why yg is delaying their single that’s supposed to come out this month?
    it would explain a lot, but it’s better if jinu’s heart heals first.

  4. they broke up because she cheated on him. she wanted him to leave her, because she was tired of being in his shadow. people/media always said her business was only flourishing because of who her husband was. so she cheated, then she tried to get money out of the divorce and from jinu’s parents. their not going to expose her but other family members already have told media outlets. thats why jinu is hurt because she felt like she was in his shadow b/c he really did care for her.

  5. WHAT. OMG. NO! JINU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T____T *sends comfort thoughts* =(

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