Posted by: krnloop | March 11, 2008

Sunha, “Album of the Month”


The Ministry of Culture selected Sunha’s album “Fahrenheit” as March’s “Album of the Month.” A commemorative plaque was given by the Ministry last March 4 and was received by DSP Entertainment’s representative, Lee Ho Yeon.

Sunha expressed her gladness for getting the recognition and desire to show people of her talent through more performances.

Since 2006, The Ministry of Culture has been recognizing singers’ albums for their artistic value and whoever gets the award each month, is supported by the Ministry when it comes to the album’s promotion.

Source: Nocut



  1. Awesome! Her album is really good, and I really like her voice. It has a nice but distinct quality to it~ 😀

  2. I love her music.

    Sun Ha Fighting!!!

  3. Bleh…. low quality for such a titke as the album of the month

  4. Good News !
    Suhna album is very good
    Love her !!!!!!

  5. […] entitled “Showman” was selected by the Ministry of Culture as this month’s “Album of the Month.” Out of the 10 tracks in the album, Peter made 7 of them, proving his singer-songwriter […]

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