Posted by: krnloop | March 8, 2008

May Doni’s sister as her backup dancer


Who would have guessed that May Doni’s sister is going to make headlines?

May Doni, who had her debut performance in KBS “Music Bank” yesterday, seems to have been outshone by her older sister Kim Yeni, who was one of her backup dancers during her performance of “Pull” with Jo PD. Although May Doni has been ranking in the most searched lists of portal sites for 2 days now, Kim Yeni, who is a year older than May Doni, still seems to attract more attraction because of her tall and slender build and dancing ability.

Nega Network confirmed the news that the two are real sisters and that Kim Yeni is actually planned to also enter the music industry.

“Kim Yeni will have to polish and improve her abilities before debuting as a singer,” a Nega Network official said.

Source: Newsen



  1. what the heck is may doni wearing? looks trashy.

  2. i saw the video and yeni dances really well. but i guess her singing lacks… a lot. i saw videos of her singing and its not bad. i guess it isn’t “as good as may doni’s”. i feel bad for her because everyone will compare her to her sister who’s younger and has an amazing voice. yeni, hwaiting!

  3. does this mean that yeni left yg too? she seems to be part of the same label that may doni is under.

  4. I don’t know Yeni’s “career” history so I can’t answer you.

  5. god it is not a crime to be short .
    what they said about her sis being slime and slender .(that was just messed up).
    you don’t get to choose how tall your going to be.
    that’s like saying short people don’t have talent .
    how ever said that person is very rude…

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