Posted by: krnloop | March 6, 2008

May Doni feels honored to be called the “Female Se7en”


It has been 7 years since May Doni, a Grade 4 student at that time, participated in the SBS program “99% Talent Development Project Challenge.” For years, she trained to become a singer and now it is finally time for her to have her debut stage.

Those years were not a joy ride and if she gave up on herself, then she would not be on the same stage as Jo PD starting March 7 for the promotions of “Pull,” which she featured in.

“I wanted to give up for so many times. I was young and whenever I see my friends having fun while I’m shut inside a room doing vocal and dance training, I felt miserable,” May Doni said.

She could not forget the times when she slowly lost sight of her dream and just secretly cried. But in the end, the long wait did not make her give up.

“I didn’t know when I’d debut. If I were to describe that time in a word, I’d say it was pitch-black. (laughs) But still, I trained thinking that I’d become a singer.”


Then she soon saw the light at the end of a dark tunnel. She even earned the nickname of “Female Se7en” when Netizens saw a video of her training.

“I’m truly honored to be called the ‘Female Se7en.’ It’s a lot of pressure because it’s top star Se7en we’re talking about. But it actually makes me work harder because of that title. At first, I got insults like ‘What? She’s the ‘Female Se7en’?’ that hurt but now I just work even harder to prove myself.”

Source: Starnews



  1. She’s cool, but I think I would’ve liked her better if she was still in YG.
    Best of luck to her, though. đŸ˜€

  2. Yeah, I don’t think she should have left YG.

  3. haha i never heard of her.. when is she debuting??

  4. I personally think it was a good idea to leave YG. They waited too long to debut her.

    Her new song is great.

  5. Well most trainees work hard for years – it’s sort of hasty on her part to jump from JYP to YG and now to NegaNetwork. She may debut faster under another company, but YG does a good job training their clients.

  6. i agree with sarah. look at how long yg trained g-dragon and taeyang… a good 6 years and they’ve become such good artists. i’m sure yg wants the best for his trainees, so he trains them for a long period of time. ji-eun took 4 years to debut and her voice is simply amazing. park bom hasn’t debuted yet, but i’m sure the response to her will be immense. either way, the best of luck to may doni~ her voice is amazing.

  7. Debut Performance is today and her album is planned to come out in June.

  8. ^ Where is she debuting? Music Core?

  9. Music Bank (March 7)

  10. […] dalam music video Molla-ing berduet bersama May Doni dan Dunk Shot bersama kumpulan W & […]

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