Posted by: krnloop | March 3, 2008

DSP’s new group: A’ST1


DSP Entertainment is set to unleash at the end of this month a male group composed of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese members.

“The 6-male group is called A’ST1 and is composed of Korean members Park Jung Jin (22), Byun Jang Moon (21), Sung In Kyu (21) and Lim Han Byul (20), Japanese member Tomo (22) and Chinese member Haiming (22). A single will be released at the end of March or in April,” DSP revealed on March 3. The single’s title track is called “1234Back,” which was composed by Han Sung Won, the one who made Park Ji Hun’s “The Day I Miss You.”

According to DSP, which aims to make A’ST1 an idol group that will represent Asia, the members received 3 years training in Korea to prepare for their debut. The label also boasts that the group has already received requests to appear in television shows in Hong Kong and China.

After the group debuts, DSP plans on adding a new member to A’ST1.

On the other hand, from March 12, Arirang TV is going to air videos of the group’s training days and debut preparations.

Source: Starnews


  1. =O I’m looking pretty forward to seeing them..i’ve watched a couple of their clips and stuff on youtube, they don’t seem bad at all.

  2. Hmm…manaagement groups are really toying w/ the race card these days…:) I like it though, I hope that multi-cultural bands will bring more unity to Asia and by extension openmindedness. If A’ST1 (dunno how that name was derived >_>) is successful, then everyone will be happy sans the few people who are capable of injecting racism everywhere. But really, there’s nothing like blind fangirl love to overcome overwrought nationalism and racism~ hurray~

  3. I dunno, I actually like A’ST1. Their song 1, 2, 3, 4 Back. Interesting voices and dance moves.
    I dunno why people will only like them for their looks though. I find nothing special the way A’ST1 look like but I do like their song. Their song is very catchy and I hope they are successful in the future. Just stay away from bashing others so crazy fans won’t bitch about them.

    I dunno if you’re serious about the race card or not but I do love the humor. Next we’ll see a white guy in a Korean group. Yep, racist will be solve when crazy fangirls talk about how they would die toprotecting their favorite idol group/artist. LOL.

  4. Oh gawd, I see so many grammar error in what I just wrote. So embarassing ^^;

  5. dang..if you read people’s comment about A’st1 when they said they wanted to challenge suju…wooohhh…pretty harsh….i personally like them and think A’st1 boys are pretty good looking..well a few…and yeah looks don’t really matter, what matters is their talent…and of course i still love suju and always will…the thing about A’st1 challenging suju..A’st1 probably didn’t mean to upset the fans or insult anyone…they just probably want people to know that its their goal become as good as suju..

  6. A new member??

    uh oh. please eunice. no ‘ONLY 6-ers’ ok?

  7. i loVe thEm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    esc. ToMo aNd haN byuL!!!!^^
    thEiR soNgs is sOOOOOOOOOO CoOL!!!!^^~~

  8. they will never beat suju-suju r 2 well known && hav a fanbase which will always keep growing
    1234 back is a good song 2, but it will never beat super junior

  9. i love haiming and jangmoon. they’re so cool. i will not be surprised if any new korean band has a white person in it. =] bit of news: haiming wanted to commit suicide just to let his dad know how serious he was about the debut, but he was not really suicidal. just something to provoke his dad.

  10. 1:49 p.m here, not 3:50 a.m. =]

  11. truthfully, i never liked super junior =/ but i LVOE this new group! omgsh they captured me when i first saw their live performance on TV. and i hear that they werent challenging super junior…it had a different meaning but i forgot what it was -__- anyways, i love their song, Back! love their vocals. i think the only reason i didnt like super junior was because the group was too big. i mean, seriously, for each song, literally each guy had like 1-2 lines -_- sorry, no offense to super junior fans! but like…come on….i prefer strong vocals than looks and all that stuff….sorry if i offended anyone

    • hey i totally agree with you! all of them in ast’1 can sing! you should watch vids of them singing acapella on youtube. they are really good :)) and yes suju is kinda too big for anyone to really leave an impression on you. except for 2-3 of them who can sing, and another 2-3 who can dance. i dont know what the rest are there for. i prefer talent to vases.

  12. oops..spelled “LOVE” wrong. but you get it 😉

  13. dupa

  14. seriously, what’s their aim? even if they really can become as good as suju, what had they achieved? i mean, they’ll have their own fans &suju have their own fans, it’s still the same.

  15. there’s a rumor that a’st1 challenged the
    super junior., is it true??

    i really don’t get it.,
    why on earth they wanted to beat suju?

    suju has lots of experiences than them.,
    sorry if i offended some of the fans over there.,

    but let’s see it more literally.,
    oh well then.,

    maybe because of the company they
    are in.,
    the A’ST1 is in DSP.,
    and the suju is in SM ENTERTAINMENT.,

    DSP is so “naning” about it.,
    but, im lokoking forward
    for what will happen.,

    it’s gonna be fun!

    let’s not fight over this,.
    but rather, let’s just
    support everyone.,!

  16. jung jinnnn lv ya

  17. hola

    • como te llamas

  18. JH

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