Posted by: krnloop | March 3, 2008

AJOO’s unique voice


Last February 22 at KBS “Music Bank,” Epik High member Tablo, who is an MC of the show, expressed how he is impressed of new singer AJOO’s voice. AJOO had his debut performance of “First Kiss” on this episode.

“He has a very attractive voice that has a unique timbre to it. I felt the difference of AJOO’s voice against other singers’. I’m looking forward to his next activities,” Tablo said.

Music fans were also all-praise for the new singer and posted comments like “He’s got vocals that can’t be easily heard from guys,” “He’s like a comet that appeared in the male solo singer market,” and “His style and vocals are fresh” in music sites like Melon and Dosirak and fan sites.

Meanwhile, STAM Entertainment, AJOO’s label, commented that A-JOO’s voice is a product of a 6-year training.

“There is a charm to his unique sweet voice and AJOO made an effort to maintain the same voice during his puberty. His voice’s timbre is what sets him apart from other male singers,” STAM Entertainment commented.

Source: Joynews24



  1. I just looked up his performance on youtube and his voice sounds a bit weird in my opinion. D:

  2. haha i hate his mv.. but i love his performance… haha i like his hair now then it was in the mv.. that why i hate the mv.. but yeah.. his single was alright.. ahha

  3. he really has good voice but sometimes he remains me on girl….but it is not metter….HWAITING A-JOO….;)

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