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SM Entertainment’s casting system


It was not easy for trainees of SM Entertainment to finally make it big in showbiz. Although Heechul already had fans since his training days because of his unique fashion sense and Girls’ Generation member So Hyun was just discovered in a subway, they had to go through intensive training.

Aside from auditions held every Saturday at 3 pm in SM Entertainment’s head office in Apkujeong, Seoul, where Super Junior’s Heechul and Girls’ Generations’ Yoona were discovered, aspiring SM artists participate in its “Youth Best Selection,” wherein applicants are classified into a certain group of “expertise” and battle it out to be the winner within the group. TVXQ’s Hero and Max, Super Junior’s Shindong and Kangin and actress Go Ara were selected as trainees through this casting system. Every year, more than 7,000 people compete in the “Youth Best Selection,” which is held in 5 cities in Korea.

SM Entertainment also holds global auditions in the US and Asia. Super Junior’s Hankyung became a trainee after being selected in a global audition.

Technology has also brought about new ways of auditioning. Now, trainee applicants can submit recordings through CD and mail and participate in ARS and UCC auditions.

If getting in is already a challenge, then being a trainee is harder. Trainees go through vocal, dance, acting lessons and even foreign language and composition trainings.

Training also lasts for a long time. Girls’ Generation’s members had to go through an average of 5 years in training. In fact, members Soo Young, Jessica and Hyo Yeon had to train for almost 7 years to become versatile entertainers.

Moreover, as SM Entertainment regularly holds recitals, trainees push themselves to be better.

Source: Edaily



  1. wow. thats hardcore.
    thanks for the info!

  2. I wonder if the foreign language training is more of a recent development (like within the last 4-5 years) because of the Hallyu wave. Interesting, thanks!

  3. It sucks how lots of people give them bs just because they’re in SM ent. They’ve worked really hard to get where they are today.

  4. hahah wow at least it’s not worst as yg..

    • wait wat do you mean it is at least not as hard as YG
      it’s easier?

  5. I want to audition for SM Ent. I’m serious too. Evn if the training’s hard I still want to try.

    • Good Luck! I want to audition as well but I think I am too old (16). Going through all of the training is going to be worth it when you are known. Don’t give up and keep following your dreams.

      • I want too to audition im only 14. but im not a korean and cant speak and understand too but im really desperate about this and i can speak english fluently. im good in dancing and in singing too.and im from the philippines. so good luck for u and for me

  6. wow.. i want to try out too.. but sadly i have no musical talents.. ahah.. i do have acting experience tho.. but.. yeah.. i give props to those artists who train for so long, debut, and succeed… 😀 good job!

    • You should try to audition for acting then since you have some experience in it. There is probably a chance that you would get in, who would know. Once you get in, you would train for so many things, you would be as good as other known entertainer.

  7. […] on the other hand, revealed that she had an unusual casting experience because she was discovered in a restroom in the US. This revelation brought laughter in […]

  8. I’m from Malaysia and fifteen.I can sing,dance,act and model.I have perform for many ocassions in my country.Can I try my luck in this company?I knew there’s a global audition in Malaysia but I don’t know where is it held.Can you tell me?
    Thank you..

  9. I’m from California and fifteen. I can sing & dance a little. I haven’t perfomed in a long while but I’ve been begining to practice & will probably try out next year…maybe. I’m also Cambodian. Do you think SM will look for any Cambodian singers to hit it in South Korea? And can you give me suggestions on what SM usually looks for, what they want etc.

    • i really would like to say something to confort u since you are cambodian, because i have the same problem…i’m african..ohoh

      but good luck girl!

      • Haha! I’m a whitey, I want in too!
        I’d do anything.
        Besides strip and denounce my religion:)

  10. I’m 13 and Korean, but I live in California. I’ve performed countless songs and have acted in several movies. My last performance was with my friends. We formed a band and we sing all the time at professional events. Do you think they’ll accept all of us as trainees?? I mean, we don’t mind the challenge. We all can speak English, Korean, Chinese, French, and Spanish fluently. We all had roughly about 9 years of dancing, singing, and acting lessons. Give me a suggestion?? We really want to enter the Korean Entertainment circle, but we’re not exactly the “prettiest” girls. We’re talented, but we’re average looking.

    • If you have the talent and descent in looking, there is a higher chance of you getting in Yg Entertainment Company than Sm Entertainment Company. You should try it out and see what happens. Good Luck!

      • hey, just believe in yourself. beauty is abstract. you might think you are not the prettiest girl but you can always be pretty in your on way. confidence is important, have confidence in yourself and you might outshone everybody else. anyway, Good luck in everything you do. Believing is power! when you are successful and popular don’t forget me. hehe.

    • hey, just believe in yourself. beauty is abstract. you might think you are not the prettiest girl but you can always be pretty in your on way. confidence is important, have confidence in yourself and you might outshone everybody else. anyway, Good luck in everything you do. Believing is power! when you are successful and popular don’t forget me. hehe.

  11. I hope sm will carry out audition in sarawak…

  12. i know it’s hard as well, but i also want to aduition but the problem is that i am japanese w/ korean and chinese descent but fluent in any of the lauguages.well in japanese i’am but not in korean..
    and i don’t want to send a CD .
    i wanted to aduition in person.
    i think that get’s you a better chance of getting picked becuase they will get to know you and your skills better.

    i’m going to aduition when i’m 17 .
    like in a year in a half..
    during that time i will get better at singing, dancing,and rapping..

    all i want is to make it.cuz if i don’t i’m not gonna aduition for another enertainment cuz the only one i want to be in is Sm.
    because that way all get the chance that any fan would dream of ..
    the chance to meet DBSk,super junior, and Shinee.

    i pray to god i make it…(cuz thats my dream)

  13. Hey- the names Ava. I’m 14 and I live in the US with 9 years of dancing, singing and modeling experience along with the rest of my 3 member band. I am learning korean- but the only thing is….I’m only like 2% asian!!! SM only takes asians rite?? (not to be racist) I’m italian…and I’d be the first euro popstar if we had a hit right?? We want to audition so badly and everyday we have a practice meeting for 5 hours!! It’s a long day but its worth it. We plan to audition during the summer of 2009 but I need to know if they would accept me or not becuase of my ethnicity. We are soon opening a website and we’re looking for a new member so I’ll post again with the url.
    In the mean time….any tips?? btw, I’m a SHINee fanatic and so is my group!!! 😀

    our dream is really one..or two things: to dance and sing till the world ends. We’re truly that in love with it…so if anyone has annyyyy tips pleaseeee don’t hesitate to speak up!!!!!! good luck to all others!!!

    • hey, I also want to be in the korean entertainment, but Im not asian.. Im like 5 or 8 % asian.. so, can we talk about it someday? ;}

      • I’m not asian at all.

  14. I’m 16 n I’m cambodian… I auditioned n the lady said I have a nice alto voice. I hope I get a chance to make it in… Hopefully! Now I’m waiting on feedbacks! Wish me luck! I will work really hard! Because I just love to sing!

    • Hey did u get the feedbacks yet? how’d u do?

  15. Hello!everyone i’m cambodian and this year 2009 i’m 16 years old.i love so entertainment so much and now i’m in training dancing,singing and to tell you the truth everyone said my face very look like korean.and i’m also beautiful.i wish i can become a korean singer in sm i’m going to study korea language.when i can speak english fluently. I will go to register become a singer at sm Entertainment.and i try to find some friend to create my team and show special dance to sm entertainment.please tell me about more info what are they going to do first?turn on the music and give us to dance or doing something first?if you can tell me i’m very appreciate it.bye!/(*_^)\

  16. Sorry about my bad english.i mean i love sm Entertainment so much.and i’m going to study korean language and when i can speak korean fluently i will go to register at sm entertainment and show special dance to them.please forgive me about my writing wrong.pleaseeeeeee Forgive me!%/(@_@)\¥.

  17. And one more thing i love all singer star in sm town especially:boa,girl’s generation,and new teenager group shinee,they all are so cuteeee!!! And very excellent style dancing but i actually love taemin he so cute and his look adorable dancing and minho,jonghyun,key,onew are from:kelcy.%/(@_@)\%.

  18. And one more thing i love all star in sm town and new group shinee.taemin are my favourite choice and all of them very excellent style dancing and of course boa, girl’s generation,and all star in sm town they all are cool.And sm are terrific entertainment.bye! Love from:kelcy¥/(*_^)\¥.

  19. Hi it’s me i’m gonna leave my response about SM TOWN.i love all style dancing of all singer in sm.and i wonder about how they gonna find magic dance from many time that they have to learn for 1 days?/(*_^)\lover girl(kelcy)

  20. PEOPLE. stop it. go to the actual website and fill in a app.

    dont waste your time here, and fill out an actual app.

    • hahahaha…u’re right!

      ppl get that body moving…go go go!!

  21. can someone help me,please?^^
    is that right,u should be good in singing,dancing and acting?(sry ma english sucks^^)

  22. Thanks a lot. 😀
    Wow, there are a lot of people interested.
    Lol, I got some competition.
    For all of you guys who are going to audition or want to, good luck!
    I want to audition too, but I’m only 14 and I still need to learn Korean before I do anything.
    Kudos to all you guys.
    I’m not the best dancer or the best singer, but I’m still not gonna give up.
    Again, majorrr kudos.
    You guys are really inspiring.

    • are the inspiration here.


      • I think your a nice person 🙂

  23. hello
    i’m 21 yrs old, thai boy living in London, UK.
    i can sing, dance and i’m also doing modeling.
    i sing and dance in many occasions.
    can i if it a try, and am i too old for this audition?
    but i dont know how can i do an audition?

  24. hai,i’m from bali,i 18 years old i want to audition for sm enter,i’m very seriuos because i singging,dance,acting and modeling,i help reply to email,please

  25. o: man i really want to get in
    and well i have alot of support
    ive been dancing since i was two, hip hop that is.
    i also no milkyway which is known as tecktonik, popping, cwalking, and others.
    i think i have decent singing and my friends think i sing pretty good.
    i honestly dont think im pretty o_o, but it might change
    overall im very confident, since im taking SHINee’s advice, :] have self confidence and the chances of getting in are higher.
    im full viet >< any tips?

    • YOU GO GIRL!!

  26. i just got signed on. its really hard so its not for the faint hearted. i mean it. u have like 5 hours to sleep on a lucky day
    good luck though
    but they do want pretty ppl and talent
    asians 2

    • oh man!!
      they just want asian ppl..too bad for…haha
      but its ok dreamin i guese…but hey, tell me how u got signed and how ur days at the training are.

  27. So 🙂
    Can u tell me ur experience in the audition
    Can u try out fir more than one thing

  28. Awww man.. this is really, really tough competition… look at all the comments and the talents that you people have..oh well got to keep your hopes high xD
    me and my friend ju are going to just put up videos on youtube and see how that goes [haha!! you guys come watch us!!] ..but we live in Aus..== at least we’re Asian!! ^^ i don’t think i’m good looking but ju is really nice..yep you heard me ju!! ummm since we live so far away we’re gonna try hard >< we mostly know Japanese, some Chinese (mandarin) and are fluent at english!!! we are currently 14 xD
    ❤ bands like dbsk, ft.island, snsd, shinee, etc…
    bring it ha hah

    • dont matter if u’ru good looking or not just go for it.
      and like u said at least you are asian, as for me that i’m african…wababa…that’s even more complicated…ahhaha…GOOD LUCK!

      PS: dont forget to notify us when u put videos on youtube.

  29. LoL True that jennii
    we arent ppl who do great in the arts subjects but we will just act like idiots on utube… well hope it turns out well
    Even though jennii and i want to make it into SM entertainment, i am still against them if the bad rumors of it are true…
    so sad we cant dance, sing,act or model haha
    we are pretty much un-talented ;L
    but lets just give it a shot for fun …
    But since Sm enter. is a korean company – i think we have to learn korean if we become a trainee…
    oh well … haha

  30. we can learn Korean.. its oki….
    cauz we’re smart 😎
    ye we’ll try .. but it sound pretty tough ..considering what everybody says..stay 귀여운 and try your best xD

  31. Hi, I’m asian
    I can dance and sing but I’m not korean and can’t speak it fluently….
    so but how can i audition?
    —>please help!!

    • Whatssup girl?

      i can dance and sing but i´m at the same situation as you..i can not speak Korean, but at least u can speak a bit.

      i live in Brazil and i’m african and i’m trying my best to go to Korea because4 i really would like to participate.

      But my intention is to form a group with at least 2 members..but it is complicated.
      But for i think i f u try hard enough u will get there. GOOD LUCK!!

  32. Would vocal lessons help me? And are vocal lessons in korea for k-pop the same with the vocal lessons here in canada?

  33. I’m 23 and i really would like to get in SM Ent, but it’s even more complicated to me since i am african, i’m still learning korean and i live in Brazil..hauahu!!
    Too hrad for me, but honestly i believ in my dreams and i’m trying my best to go to Korea because that’s a lot easier to learn korean and maybe…who know…make part of that training team..heheh!

    Ps: i really would like to form a band

    • We can both work together xD

  34. i’ve had left so much comments on ur scraps..that’s me. ilike people that likes to share teir dreams.

    Good luck to all of you!!

    As for me i’ll be always here to confort you and make u not give up on that!!

    kisses to all of you!!

  35. Hello,
    My name is Emma and i’m from Germany .
    Here in Germany a lot of Fans from SHINee.
    Why SHINee don’t come to Germany for a Concert?
    Maybe in KÖLN or Dortmund ?
    Lots of greets from Germany !<3
    Here all lots of Fans!
    SHINee ❤

  36. I want SM ENTERTAINMENT to come to Singapore for their GLobal Auditions very very badly !!!

  37. hi to all i’m 19 years female from north of afrika i’ve a great powerfull voice i’m a good dancer i play piano and guitar since 4 years i can act and i am beautifull i look like chinese but sm ent accept ppl who isn’t asian but i look like chinese that sure

  38. O M G! wow thats what iv been looking for! no translation on the sm site!? man kind os physcs u out! TY!

  39. i like to me a singer just like you guys does. i like to sing in korea because i my dream to become a singer.

  40. i like to me a singer just like you guys does. i like to sing in korea because my dream to become a singer.

  41. Hey, just wanna know. Does sm take people who is dark skin. But not really dark. Does sm look for people who is fair and pretty ? Sm main focus is on features or talent ? Please let me know. I would love to be have an audition in sm. Thanks 😀

  42. Hey, I’m from the UK im 14 and really want to be a kpop star! I don’t speak the language but I dance sing act and model! Would they consider me? Thanks

    • Are you Asian?

      • It doesn’t matter what your race is you should always try

  43. I’m from Myanmar and eighteen.I can sing,dance,act and model.Please can u make SM casting system in Myanmar.I would love to be have an audition in sm.

    • I’m from Myanmar and eighteen.I can sing,dance,act and model.Please can u make SM casting system in Myanmar.I would love to be have an audition in sm.

  44. Hello my name is Jordan I have 16 years’m from Peru and I have 7 months to learn Korean. but no singing or anything I get in a baile.pero dance courses and canto.Pero had a question, in the SM and knowing you have to enter some dancing and singing. oh they teach you everything?. I beg you please answer me.

  45. but I have a doubt until what age can the casting to be a singer and dancer in SM entertainment.espero not be very old (16): (

    • its better if ur 13 like me but i think i have no chance to go in coz im not a korean .im a filipino and i have no money to go to korea just to audition…………………….

  46. pls do i have chance to join in sm casting system pls answer meeeeee………….T____T

  47. I want to try out too. I’m Korean and still a pretty young age. Im good at singing (just a little practice on my high notes) and if I practice I can dance a few moves professionally. The only problem is that my parents don’t support it. They want me to have a nice, good-paying job. But at least I know that it won’t stop me from singing.

  48. I was basically browsing for points for my personal site and uncovered your own blog, “SM Entertainments casting system
    krnloop”, would you care in the event that
    I really apply a few of your concepts? Thanks a lot -Lesley

  49. i want to get a interview
    but i am a hong konger
    i want to be a pop star like girl generation

  50. Hi, i feel that i noticed you visited my website thus i got here to go
    back the choose?.I’m trying to in finding issues to improve my site!I guess its ok to use some of your ideas!!

  51. Hey, should i go for it? im 16 and im from new york city, the big problem is that i dont feel like i should give up my great education sigh :-/ anyway i feel like i’m just too old. i’m pretty good at dancing (i always lead dancer in ballet and hip hop) and this might sound shallow but i’ve been told i’m quite pretty, i’ve been street casted a couple of times when i was visiting korea (which i never bothered to go to auditions for because of my education) but yea i just feel like im too old heol.

    • You’re not too old
      I think the older you are the less amount of training you going to get if you make it through the audition
      You will be debut faster

  52. I’m 11 and I live in geogia I’m vietnamese fluet in vietnamese and English don’t know korean but I’m pretty good at dancing and singing but can I join still if I don’t know korean?

  53. I really want to be a good singer in SM entertainment.Now I’m 18 years old.When I finish my high school , I want to go to korea for SM audition.But now I’m 18 so my age is
    too old for trainee.So I don’t know what to do.When I was 12 I really want to be a good singer in korea.I’m a girl with white skin and tall girl.Everybody said that my face is same with korean actress ‘park shin hye’.But I don’t think so.In my country Myanmar I have white skin but in korea my skin is normal.My name is ‘Wut yi win’ Wut yi means ‘Nectar’.But I’m going to crazy.I’m so afarid .My dreams…… cry

  54. What about Europe

  55. Okay,hi all,I’m 14years old and i’m not Asian, I’m Georgian but people told me that i look like Korean girl . so is that problem? I sing sicnce i was 8 years and my only dream is to be idol.

  56. Me gustaria hacer una audición la verdad estoy aprendiendo inglés muy pronto aprendere coreano y pues mi habilidad para el canto es algo avanzada, para el baile actualmente bailo danza folklórica, k-pop y por último pienso que no soy tan mala para actuar. Alguien que sepa sobre las audiciones comentelo. Gracias.

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