Posted by: krnloop | February 27, 2008

Wonder Girls held a party for MTV staff


Last February 23 (local time), Wonder Girls prepared a surprise dinner party for the MTV staff who has been filming the group in New York since the 16th for the documentary “Wonder Girls Season 3.”

Cooking was fun because the members of the group had a “competition” on who among them cooks the best. It was known that Sunye and Yoobin were quite good at cooking. The party’s menu includes New York style steak, salad, chocolate cake and Sunye and Yoobin’s “bacon rice cake.”


The music video of “Wishing on a Star,” which was also flimed in New York, will start airing on March 5 in MTV and other channels and “Wonder Girls Season 3” will air its first episode on March 7 at 7:30 pm.

On the other hand, Wonder Girls is one of the guests in “The JYP Tour” on the 29th at the Wamu Theater.

Source: Newsen



  1. […] Their actions moved the production team. From salted meat wrapped around new year cakes to fried new year cake, it amply showed us the excellent cullinary skills of Wonder Girls and amazes everyone. (Source) […]

  2. they r so cute and talented go wonder girls!!!!!

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